Side Conversations - Microsoft Teams Integration


  • Adrian Bishop


    We have been using MS teams extensively since the start of the COVID pandemic, would be more than happy to engage 1-2-1 on how this would benefit our business.

  • Eric Kramer


    I'd love to have a conversation regarding a potential integration between Zendesk side conversations and Teams!

  • Jeff Bowden

    Hello David Feel free to reach out to me for this 1-1


    Jeff Bowden

    Support Manager, THREAD

  • Marc Solomon

    @... - I would love to be involved. Please reach out and I can provide my input.

  • Jessica Chase

    Hi David - I work for a healthcare organization who uses Microsoft teams due to HIPAA. We have 35+ agents and over 200 employees with 4 software product lines and many engineering teams and are growing at a rapid pace. In order for us to implement more efficient ways of providing mid and backline support in tandem with Engineering and Product teams (swarming), we really need this capability and it would really help solidify Zendesk as a "can't live without" tool if we could integrate into the main system our staff use to communicate with each other (since Product and Engineering) use a different set of products. Thanks!

  • David Gillespie
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi @...,

    Thanks for detailing your use case! I've taken note for the new integration.



  • Sara Ledger

    @... - I would be interested in providing feedback on our potential use case with this functionality. 


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