Feature Request - Ability to edit closed tickets


  • Franca Meggiolaro

    Going more in details, my request is the possibility of a massive update, e.g. via trigger.

  • Anastasia Kachanova


  • Yanko Chakarov


  • Ashley M

    Are we any closer on having this basic function of a ticket regardless of what state Zendesk has it in.

  • Lindanne Mureu

    This is critical for us too-ability to edit fields on closed tickets.We perform QA's on closed tickets and we would like to have supervisor comments on the closed tickets via a ticket field or internal comment.

  • Charlie Volow

    Gaurav Parbat Is there an update on this? Your pinned post references 2022 roadmap, but we only have a few months left in the year. As others have pointed out, this issue has been requested since 2008 (https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/4409217618202) -- it couldn't be clearer that it's a major customer need.

  • Erica

    It's nearing the end of 2022, and there hasn't been much of an update on the ability to edit closed tickets. Although some people indicate auditing could become a nightmare, I have found it more problematic NOT to be able to edit closed tickets because we may need to update the tags we use to classify them which doesn't correct it on ones with a closed status; especially since tags are based on the tag name and not related to a unique alphanumeric string that doesn't change even if our internal taxonomy changes. 

    We got all these pretty interface UI updates that barely work instead of true functionality changes everyone actually needs. It's insane we have the ability to update and edit comments on this thread but not in the Support feature itself.

  • Eric Weiland

    I would also like to request an update on this feature. This is highly important for our reporting as we slowly developed the data in our tickets and now have old tickets that are incomplete.

  • La Orange Limited

    Hi all

    I want to update the tags of the closed tickets as a result of audit. This is too important for my company. otherwise we will have a serious trouble about it.

    If I can tag manually, I should similarly be able to remove tags from related tickets. I have done this before as a collective tag. Why can't I remove the tag from closed tickets?

    this is an urgent and very serious problem for me! 


  • Erica

    I have to echo what everyone else is saying here. The inability to modify closed tickets is becoming increasingly critical given that when field tag values are updated, it's not automatically reflected in tickets of any status. And as a couple of other folks have mentioned, the fact that it's been an issue for over a decade while other, seemingly less meaningful changes have been made to the platform doesn't seem very customer-first.

  • João Pereira

    It's almost the end of 2022 and no changes until now.
    Do you have any updates that you can share about the status of this feature request?

  • Nick Lamb

    Any updates to this? It continues to be a huge issue for us. Today we had an event that's made this even more pressing where when renaming an organization, it was somehow deleted. This has left the tickets for that customer orphaned and unable to be assigned. 

    Please fix this and allow for us to edit _at least_ organization and ticket associations so we can have proper accounting of our customer interactions in cases where they've accidentally created two organizations, started as a non-paying customer and didn't create an organization or Zendesk accidentally deletes the organization reference.

  • Rich Shupe

    Please do not compromise this and only support partial edits. All tickets should be editable. 

    Zendesk, where can you direct us to some sort of roadmap, user voting on open issues, etc.? This has been a critical issue for so many customers, for so long and, because this is a requirement for our renewal, it would really help to know what planning we have to do. Thanks.

  • Joy Newsome

    Adding support for this. Use case: we have dirty data - organizational changes that dictate some updates to custom fields and having that data deleted or altered is skewing reports (see previous commenters on why it's not an option to simply replace the field); quality reviews are pointless if all of the data aren't correct and there is no way to correct it; your GDPR (this should be reason enough given the weight of the fines involved) redaction method is cumbersome and requires specific roles along with time consuming effort since it can't be done in bulk; all of the other reasons already listed by 13 years worth of users on this topic.

  • Bryan Haeussler

    Any chance of getting an update on this one Gaurav Parbat?  Doesn't seem likely it made it into the 2022 roadmap but maybe is still being considered?

    Just want to add another comment in support of some feature to at least allow editing TAGS from the API or some other developer accessible portal.  It is really painful to try and clean up custom fields supported by tags and find that you cannot really remove anything without a huge impact to your legacy data/searching/views. For example, "Cameras" in the custom field 'category' is changed from "camera" to "cameras" at the tag level and now the entire history of that field becomes largely inaccessible to 99% of users. To find old tickets with the same category (the end users only ever saw 'Cameras' as the category) they need to know it was at one point ID'd as 'camera.'  There is no real way to know this unless you document it outside the system.

    I am sure there are performance considerations but opening it up through the standard ticket/bulk ticket APIs would at least limit how many and how often users could do the updates while also giving them the ability to queue up fixes.

    P.S. if you are reading this and having issues with Explore I suggest creating a custom attribute and making use of 'IF ELSE' statements to wrap your old tags into their 'new' versions.

  • Rodrigo Ruz

    We started using zendesk in april this year, we bring the previous structure from support center, now after a few months we have managed to identify some categories that are used as a multi, or need to create or delete categories as a part of the living cicle but now we need to update some categories to get the correct data after the new categories are added and the one removed but wil be having old data.
    Now i have to be adding formula after formula to get some data to make analysis but if we keep moving due to the cicle and cannot update we cannot have the right data for analysis.
    +1 to this.

  • Eric Weiland

    I have to further express disattisfaction on this point with the lack of this ability. This has become painfully clear at end of year and reviewing metrics of tickets that after a year of development and improving how information is captured, half of our tickets have missing information that create a large category of Null responses in metrics which skews our data.

    It is imperative that this feature be allowed so that we can modify old tickets to include updated information and simply creating a follow-up does not work as that will skew other metric data.


    Gaurav Parbat

  • Jake Allen

    "Death by a thousand paper cuts" like this is precisely why we're switching to Salesforce from this useless product.

  • Claire Flanagan

    I completely agree with Billie Harland above.  

    This is table stakes for any solution - the option to fix and cleanse data is super critical to running a world-class support organization. This is severely impacting our business and customer success teams in accurately understanding, tracking and resolving the health of our accounts.  

    Troubling us right now is the ability to change the "organization" for which a ticket was logged. Can you imagine the embarrassment when Zendesk tickets are integrated with other tools and the WRONG tickets are associated with the WRONG accounts? 


    "I understand that new features close new deals but having a pretty substantial amount of tickets synced to the wrong orgs seriously compromises ticket reporting. Without the ability to fix those as an admin by changing the orgs on the closed tickets, our only options are to ask you (which appears fruitless) or start scoping other tools."

    This feature request was logged in 2019. Zendesk communicated it was on the 2022 roadmap. It's now Dec 2022. 


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