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  • Gaurav Parbat
    Zendesk Product Manager

    --Posting as a comment on the thread as well---

    Hello Everyone,

    Happy Friday! I have some updates. We have made the necessary platform and data layer changes needed to support editing closed tickets and can now move to the next phase. We will potentially plan an EAP later in Q3 -2023 with a small number of customers and partners and I would like to invite everyone to share their ideas and feedback, either through research or by participating in the EAP.  This form has more details. https://forms.gle/vJF9QXNMTmvxELjRA
    Thank you for your patience. Please leave your comments in the form or on this thread. My team and I will actively monitor both channels. 

    Kind regards,

    Gaurav Parbat

  • Dan R.
    Community Moderator

    Hi Gaurav Parbat

    Thank you for coming back to the community with an update, glad to see such positive news! I've just filled out the survey. 

    I would happily volunteer to participate in the EAP. I've been waiting for this functionality every day in my almost 10 years of working with Zendesk, I'd be very very eager to help provide feedback!

  • Tickets Support

    Just filled the form for the EAP - any updates on this? 

  • Rob Lees

    Hi Gaurav Parbat,

    It's been a few months and we've not seen any updates in regards to this EAP.

    Can you provide any updates on when the EAP will be rolled out to customers who signed up?


  • Christophe Vanleeuw

    Rob Lees, totally agree.
    Would like to get this feature ASAP :-)!

  • Jake Warren

    Gaurav Parbat - Are there any updates on timelines for this? 

  • Dane Corley
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Everyone!

    I'd like to start off by quickly introducing myself.  My name is Dane Corley and I'm a new Product Manager here at Zendesk and I'll be helping Gaurav with this feature.  I'd like to apologize for the delay in getting you updated information about this feature while I've been getting up to speed.
    I would also like to provide a few details and timelines as well. The feature will initially allow for administrators to update closed Tickets in two ways.
    1. Via the Agent Dashboard administrators will be able to edit the Tags associated with a Ticket
    2. Using Zendesk's API, Tags can be updated in bulk using the update_many endpoint
    This will be released as a beta that is planned to begin near the end of Q1 2024.  Within the next month I will be posting a beta signup form in this space.
    Thank you for your time and patience.  I look forward to working with you all.
    -Dane Corley 
  • Stephen

    Hi Dane,

    This is tremendous news. Really excited to finally see this feature come into play. 

    Can I ask - if Tags will be editable on a Ticket, will this effectively mean we can change the Ticket Fields?

    Long term, I would ideally love to see the ability to change a Tickets Form, but this sounds like a great stepping stone.

  • Oscar Espinoza

    Editing tags is all we need here. Looking forward to signing up for the Beta.


  • Marie-Nancy

    Hi Dane!


    Will we be able to edit the status of the closed tickets? Or any other fields? My main concern is that if someone chose the wrong choice in a field, as soon as it's closed automatically by Zendesk, I'm stuck with tickets in a view where their shouldn't be....

  • Leonardo Santos

    Hi Dane!

    When will it be possible to edit ticket fields with this feature in the future?

    This is the main issue we are have here, tickets with incorrect brands, group assigned and forms, directly affecting the metrics extracted in Explore.

  • Billie Harland

    That's good news, I'm glad y'all were listening. With that said, I hope editing tags isn't the whole of it as that would have pretty limited value for a lot of us.

    Dane Corley if Tags will be editable on closed tickets, does that mean that we will be able to edit other ticket field values on closed tickets by virtue of the updated tags using automation or the like?

    In addition, is this a first step in more field editing for closed tickets or the entire solution? It's a good start but I hope that this is step one before expanding to more fields (whether directly or via API).

  • Franca Meggiolaro

    Hi Dane,

    honestly it's far from our request.

    We need to be able to update the object of the tickets. We were assured that this would be implemented by December 2022, after 1 year no mention about this point, quite disappointing!

    We need to update the object for privacy reason since it can contain the name of the final customer.

    In case you're definitely not working on this issue, please inform us so we think about a different solution (any suggestion will be welcomed).

    If vice versa you're still planning to realize it, please could you provide the timing?

    Thank you in advance to CLARIFY,


  • Dan R.
    Community Moderator

    Hey Dane Corley

    Thanks for the update. Quick question, when you wrote that updates could be done

    "Via the Agent Dashboard administrators will be able to edit the Tags associated with a Ticket"

    Did you mean via the Agent Workspace? Like, just open a closed ticket in the agent UI like any other ticket and then edit it?

    If not, could you provide some more details on this point if you have any? Can't wait to sign up when the beta opens.


  • Roshni Daftary

    Dane Corley Gaurav Parbat - will we get the ability to update end-user details as well as it otherwise leads to incorrect reporting and we cant use explore.

  • Mark Leci
    Zendesk Luminary

    On the permissions side, is the plan to make a separate permission for this? There are multiple things that can only be done by an administrator, which means we effectively have to have one person who is responsible for all those things or we risk violating the principle of least privilege by granting full admin rights to other users (in this case, most likely our support team leads would be the ones most likely to want to make changes to ticket tags to clean up reporting, and we definitely don't want to make all of them admins)

  • Dane Corley
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you everyone for the feedback you've already provided.  I wanted to provide a quick bit of general information and provide a bit more clarity about this beta and what's to come.

    This is our first step in creating this much requested functionality.  While this initial feature provides value to some, I acknowledge that this in no way fulfills all of the use cases that have been communicated to us.  In the very short time I've been at Zendesk it's already become quite evident the extensive breadth and passion this community has for the need to be able to modify tickets in this fashion.  Knowing that, I hope you all will continue to communicate with me as we continue to incrementally build out this feature in an intelligent fashion, as this will serve as a primary driver for how we determine where to move next.
    There are a lot of pertinent questions and concerns that have been raised since my initial post.  As soon as a community page is created for this beta, I will post a FAQ that hopefully answers many of these items as well as provide a space for longer conversations.
    -Dane Corley

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