I should be able to create a view for the tickets I'm CC'd on


  • Keith Roe

    ...working on the chain gang...

    Things would be so much easier to find tickets I have been CC'd on!!

  • Keith Stoneman

    Agree 1000%. Would be a fantastic feature! 

  • John Brunker

    Ditto all of the above. +1

  • Jonathan Perel


  • Keith Stoneman


    How do feature requests get promoted or put on the roadmap? A Cc view is wanted by the community. What posting comments on a message board is teaching us, without any communication back, is NOT to give feedback. Instead, to become disengaged and quit wasting our time with a product we all love. ClickUp does a great job of this by using Canny, FYI. https://clickup.canny.io/


  • Wilbur Meinen

    This is like the JIRA Dark Mode saga. 2016 and still unsolved.




  • Chuck Aurora

    Wow.  Flagrant disregard of customers' needs!  Switching from Zendesk would not be easy, of course, but it certainly is possible.  Looks like you're just betting we won't do it.

  • Jonathan Perel

    This should be easy to implement. Not sure why it hasn't been done yet.

  • Keith Roe

    Jonathan Perel said:  "Not sure why it hasn't been done yet."

    Maybe they can't keep developers.  I can see someone CC'ing co-workers on tickets so they can help and those co-workers don't even know because they don't have an easy way to see ALL their tickets.

    I'd be curios to know what Zendesk uses as their internal ticketing system.  Makes me wonder if they eat their own dog food!

  • Keith Stoneman

    Who is the VP or Director of Product for Zendesk? How do we get more eyeballs on this? What is Zendesk's process for prioritizing features? 

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Keith, 

    Product roadmap prioritization considers a mix of several factors, including user feedback, long-term product strategy, market direction, competitive intelligence, etc. We made a short video about how product feedback works at Zendesk - that link will take you out to YouTube to view it. 

    And then here's the keynote from EVP of Product Shawna Wolverton from last fall's Zendesk Community Day, where she speaks a bit about our product development process and the role of user feedback as well. 

    I'll add that we DO use our own products or "eat our own dog food." This request is one that the product manager is highly aware of, it really has just come down to what other high-priority thing we would not build in order to implement this one. Product development is always a process of ruthless prioritization, and it can be hard to get to all of the good ideas in a reasonable timeframe. 

  • 6Sense Inc.

    +1 to adding this feature. I would like to create views for our team members to view their tickets they are the assignee and also cc'd on to make sure we don't miss any tickets or comments coming in rather than depending on the email. It will help with follow up from our teams and have a clear cut way for managers to view when a team member was cc'd on a ticket and last updated date etc.  This would be a huge PLUS for our team. 

  • Gary Clark

    Yes, I would like this feature

  • Tao Yang

    Hi. Similar to having the ability to query by "follower", I also think it would be important to be able to query by "Creator/Submitter". We have a use case where our internal agents are creating tickets on behalf of End Customers, we want the requester to be the customers themselves but still allow the owner of the ticket (Creator) to track all these tickets. 

    Asking our agents to go to their profile and look for tickets they're following unfortunately is not an elegant solution.

  • Marta Stoneman

    Adding support for this request.  This would make the product so much more functional for my organization.  

  • Aaron Croon

    Viewing CC'd tickets in the Agent profile is very cumbersome way to follow tickets you're involved in but not assigned too.

    This is something I get asked regularly as a Zendesk Admin.

    Please involve this feature to be able to create a view of your CC'd tickets!

  • Brian Mihalik

    Nicole Saunders  This hasn't been able to make it into a single feature request approval in 3 years time?  What's going on with product development?

  • Dan Tennant-Ralphs

    Hi, please add this functionality, thank you!

  • Marc Greenfield

    +1. Please add this feature!


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