Formatting Descriptions on Ticket Forms


  • Dave Smith


    Thank you David Milward

  • サポートセンター tokuda


  • Chance Taylor

    Is it possible to get fields in a ticket set up to have a brief description either when you have over the field name or to have an information symbol next to the field name? There is one field that has this function and it would be nice if the description added for a field in the admin portal would be available in a pop-up for end-users to see. 

  • Anna

    Zendesk any update on the above?

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hi Chance, 
    If you enter a description in the "Description shown to end users" field when you're setting up or editing a ticket field that appears on the end-user ticket submission form, the description will be shown there under the field. This is a text-only field, however:


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