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  • Christian Estefani

    Hello! I have a few more suggestions on how we can make Zendesk a more brand-focused experience for our agents.

    1. Zendesk role should also set a default value for the following in the Agent Workspace:
      - Which brand is immediately shown when opening the ticket creation page
      - Which form is immediately shown
      - Which Help Center loads from the Guide shortcut
    2. Zendesk group should be associated with a brand.
      (One brand each, or maybe more, like with Zendesk forms?)
    3. When opening the Assignee field in the ticket form, groups from other brands should be collated into their brands, so that agents can only see groups from other brands only when they purposely want to (like in cross-brand escalation).
    4. The following should also have brand-based permission: (Or role-based permission if the role can be associated with a brand)
      - Access to tickets
      - Access to suspended emails (can only see suspended emails to addresses associated with their brand)
      - Views
      - Macros

    Basically, I hate that the Zendesk Agent Workspace defaults to the main brand, and agents from other brands have to manually change their brand and form when creating tickets.

    I also hate that ticket viewing permissions are so inefficient and suspended email viewing permissions are practically unavailable for them.

  • Josh

    +1 for me on this. We need brands to be almost completely separate when it comes to agent access. Right now that is not possible. Agent A can see all brands, so we have to special groups and try to hide things and it's really clunky.

  • TradeSmith Support

    +1 - Following this thread.  We could use this feature as well. 

  • Josh

    This most likely won't move anywhere anytime soon. We've been on ZD enterprise for almost 10 years and this was never considered.

  • prakash.sati

    +1 this is a must have have feature when you are offering Multi Brand setup!!!

  • Seacret

    Is there a timeline for this and will it only be available on Enterprise or will it be available on other options such as professionals?  


  • Jamie Noell

    Yes, please!!!

    Macro and view: Can you please allow view and macro permissions to be by brand.  Today, we have global, by agent and for me only.  Please add brand as an option as we have to pick so many groups when granting macro and view access.

    Suspended tickets: Please restrict by brand as well. Data privacy is key to our company, and we have non-admins who help manage suspended tickets for their respective brands.  Zendesk's suspended view does not even have the recipient.  We did buy Shredder, which helps with rules and shows the recipient email, so each division sorts by the recipient email.  However, ideally, we don't want Brand A people to even see suspended emails for Brand B, C or D.

    Explore: Ideally, we could grant by brand permission on datasets in Explore.

  • Alina Wright
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all, following up with a calendly link to schedule user interviews around this brand based permissions space.

    If you're part of an enterprise (and up) plan and are an admin / have strong opinions on brand based permissions, please use this link to schedule time with me in the next 2 weeks. Thank yoU!


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