Feature Request: Triggers - Action: Add Internal Note as a trigger action

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  • Aaron Olson

    Thanks Graeme that is a good workaround but with other trigger and events that can get cumbersome. 

  • Maurits Vos


    Just stepping in here.


    Our use case for this feature would be that we have different SOP's for some customers. We ship spare parts internationally and sometimes we need to make sure that certain documents are prepared for customs purposes or that there is a specific setting in the order that needs to be taken into account before the order is submitted in the system. Forgetting to do so may have financial implications for our/the customers' business 


    We do take notes in the user/organization profile and use the "user date" app to remind our agents, though an internal comment or similar feature would be a better safety measure in our case.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks for the details, Maurits. 

  • Håkon Kippernes

    We have a case where the data from users in the ticket forms are editable by agents. Since we only have 8-10 employees most of us are admins for convenience. We therefore need a copy of the ticket fields added as text in the ticket for documentation purposes. A trigger with placeholders that spits out a comment with all the information added in the ticket form is needed for us to use the ticket forms at all for the brand.


  • Andrea Brown

    Our use case is that we share a lot of tickets between our various Zendesk accounts (still using the Hub and Spoke over here), and we need the user's email address to appear in the ticket in the Hub. Because it doesn't come as part of the ticket, we want to have it as an internal comment. In our case, our agents can't help our customers without their email address about 90% of the time - so we'd take the email address any way it comes over, but we definitely need it.

  • Vlad
    Community Moderator

    Huh, my clients really need this pretty basic feature :/ 

  • Jimmy Rufo

    My Use Case:

    I'm testing the side conversation feature in the Collaboration Add-On.  When I send a side conversation to an escalation resource, I'd like to trigger an internal note to the assignee and/or the ticket group for the ticket in question, for awareness that an escalation happened and what the question was.  A reply back from the side conversation recipient would also ideally create an internal note for ticket continuity and transparency.

    Right now, triggers for email can take place with replies to side conversation, but there doesn't appear to make the comment private.

  • Juz

    This is a really basic feature. Our support agents need to have all info shown to them straight up in the one screen.

    For emails from some domains, or with particular subject lines, there's a standard set of things that we need to remember or refer to.
    We therefore want tickets from those customers to get a text automatically copied in as a comment into the ticket.

    There is the workaround at (Link removed by the Zendesk Community Team. Post has been archived due to outdated information.) which goes most of the way. However the slightly reproving tone from the Community Manager's comment there is not helpful. 

    The explanation of a race condition given above also seems somewhat out of place. Other ticketing systems manage to provide this function, so it's not a far-fetched or computationally impossible feature request.

  • ScholarPack Admin

    +1 for this - our use case is to use a trigger when a given form is used to reproduce the data entered/selected in custom fields to produce in comment format - this will then allow an agent to quickly review and then copy this text for further escalation review (in our specific case, via the JIRA plugin)

  • David

    Hi all,

    I wonder if there's anyone here who could help me out. I was following the steps for workaround in this great article: 


    and when I went to define the target I didn't get the same options - it seems that this screen was updated:


    Content Type wasn't mentioned in the article. He said to enter:

    • "Attribute Name = ticket[comment][body]"

    The article is, of course, closed for commenting. 


    Can anyone help me?


  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    Zendesk have not gone so far as to remove these articles. But please see here for the official view on these techniques.

  • David

    Ok, that's quite clear.


    However, seems like if it's causing problems then I can just deactivate the trigger/automation and then it will all revert to working fine, no?


  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    Yes that should be fine. Hope it goes well.

  • Mark Leci

    We have a couple of use cases for this:


    1. Notify an agent when a field is set, for example something like 'this field was set and now you should do x'

    2. As a workaround to the fact that Zendesk doesn't have multiple conditions on a ticket form. For example, I want to only have field 3 show up when field 1 has value a and field 2 has value b. That isn't possible in Zendesk, so as a workaround I want to show the field the whole time and let the agent know by adding an internal comment if they save the ticket and it isn't set. So yes.. I now need a workaround for the workaround! 


  • Simon Boe

    Hey Corey, and other people looking for a way to add an internal note via. an http target, you can use the below in your JSON.

    Remember the target should be using the PUT method, and that Zendesk does not support this way of updating your tickets because of race conditions, also mentioned previously in the comments for this post. 

      "ticket": {
    "recipient": "email@domain", "comment": { "body": "Add your internal note here", "public": false } } }

    #helpsome regards,
    Simon Blouner
    Zendesk Consultant @ helphouse.io


  • Mark Moran

    Hi we have various use cases for this 

    I Put simply we want to outline the next steps for the agent to take in the comments section

    I would have thought it would be straight forward to add this feature

  • Roman Mästle


    for some organisations there are special rules to follow up (product warranty, adress, shipment method, reaction time...). Actually these rules need a manually lookup in the organisation details. With a triggered or automatic internal comment this step will be performed much easier and information is not missed by the agent.

  • Sebastian Lundbäck


    We have multiple use cases for this feature and I also think that this would not be all to complicated to implement.

    Atleast, the feature would be toggled so that Zendesk administrators could have the opportunity or not to use this. 

  • Theodore Wolf

    +1 we'd love this feature too. 


    Case: export data filled out into form directly to internal note or side convo (using liquid) so we can initiate requests quicker. 

  • Manaan Alexander

    +1 for the ability to add an internal note in an automation and a trigger!


    Insurance is a highly regulated industry and there is more at stake than NPS for agents to correctly follow a workflow. In one case, we have a ticket that we need additional information in order to complete. We bump the requester twice before re-opening the ticket to our internal team. There has been no update on the ticket and the agent has to take additional steps (or check their email) to receive the specific instructions on how to proceed. 

    Ideally, these instructions would leave in an internal comment that is added when the ticket is re-opened by an automation.

  • Zhengzengemail

    We need this too for exactly the same purpose that we want to notify agent in ticket content internally about some information but we don't want to use email.

  • Gerardo Rodriguez

    Have to agree with Jon here. A feature requested so many times for SO LONG and while "listening", they just keep asking the same questions for "feedback" over and over, even though it should be absolutely clear that this is a great feature.


    The Notes on the Account Page are USELESS. Maybe move them to some location where they actually make a difference to the people handle cases. Or give us the option to present this information somewhere where it matters. Salesforce easily lets you do this on a header you can hide from cases.

  • Coupang Corp

    +1. This solves a lot of problems for me.

  • François Spinnael

    Is that thing still not ok ? 

    I was even thinking that it was possible into the past but seems im wrong. 



  • Susan Maher

    Last night I was able to implement the suggestions in this article (and others) and I am able to add either a public or a private comment using the trigger.  

    My case was on where during a process one of the fields was either not entered or entered incorrectly.  The note reminds the user to enter the field correctly and explains what to do.  

    As suggested previously all I had to do was add a Target in the Extensions panel and then create my triggers.  

    Try the recommendations here.  They work.  The most difficult thing for me was to figure out how to enter a private note.  When you create the Target url use the following:


    I was very pleased and it was not very hard.  DISCLAIMER:  As said before, Zendesk does not encourage people to do this types of implementations as they may cause other issues.  

  • Coupang Corp

    @...: Thanks for the update and transparency here. Current workarounds have disclaimers as non-supported implementations -should we understand that Zendesk intends to support the workarounds, now? 

  • Alejandro Colon


    I saw your post for a moment but now I cannot see it. 

    Once it shows up again, can you please mark it as an official response?

    Sometimes, it is quite hard to find the official Zendesk response in all of the comments. 

  • Pierre Grenier

    Hello everyone,

    We actually tried to develop this feature in our Zendesk Support product.  The creation of a ticket comment (note or public) will make your triggers start again (so while triggers are running, we restart all the triggers again... this leads to what engineers call a race condition).  In fact, during our testing phase, we discovered that we may convert trigger-based private notes in public comments... which would break all trust you have in Zendesk.

    Instead of developing that specific feature, we would like to understand why you need this feature (because there are probably better ways to address your underlying issues)

    From having talked to customers and read this thread, we know that automatically posting a comment (note or public) solve any of the following issues:

    1- Explain to other agents/admins why a ticket was silently solved/closed

    2- Provide the agents with an easy way to see in the ticket audit trail what workflow-based message the end-user has received 

    3- Provide a troubleshooting notes for the agent who will next be assigned to the ticket (i.e. "hey this ticket is about XYZ and you want to be mindful about A, B, or C”)… something that Satia, Eric Paul, Gary Jackson, Patrick Harland-Lee, Vijayendra…

    4- Send an app notification to an agent (instead of just an email notification) that a ticket needs attention… something outlined by Lucy

    5- Send a notification to the people CCed on a ticket when you solve a ticket without adding any public comment.

    Would you please let us know why you need this feature (feel free to add other reasons not listed in #1-5) and also the impact it has on your team?

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2021

    We wish we could do this natively but found the Target workaround very helpful as Graeme mentioned above:

    Link removed by the Zendesk Community Team. Post has been archived due to outdated information.


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