Agents should be able to submit CSAT surveys too

Not planned


  • Elizabeth Cochran

    Hi, Lenka.  Thanks for sharing. 

    Is it free?  I appreciated Zendesk having an integrated solution.  I did not want to bring in a 3rd party app, if I could help it, but... 

    I honestly do not understand how this is not a straightforward programming request.  We use Zendesk for INTERNAL ONLY incident and request management for Finance, IT, and Records Processing.  So, in a small organization of 83 people, we have 22 agents.  Agents are customers many of the time, as well.  

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for Zendesk!!

  • Lenka Brozmanova

    Hello Elizabeth, it is not free. I totally understand your point of view, and I also understand it would be better for you to have this as an integrated solution within Zendesk. If you decide to give a third-party app a try feel free to reach out to us at Nicereply anytime in the future. 

  • Jahn Bronilla
    Community Moderator

    Hey Zendesk it's been 8 years now since this request has been posted but it looks like this is not being heard or reviewed at all. 

  • JP Gutierrez

    +1 to everyone's comment. We work in IT, and support both external end-users and our internal agents. Would love to get feedback for both.

  • Richard Bailey

    Just updating the thread with some new details. The need for feedback from some departments became so great we have had to deploy a separate survey program just so we can pull results from both agents and non agents. Would appreciate any updates if this is now on the roadmap for 2023? 

  • Elizabeth Cochran

    Disappoints me that this is still showing as [Not Planned].  I honestly don't get it!

  • John Evans

    I reached out to a major competitor to get a reference. Not only were they more cost-effective overall, but they also allowed agents to provide feedback on fellow agents. So, I passed the rest of our "ZD Struggles" list over and was shocked at how good their offering was. I feel like I am on a sinking ship all of a sudden. Surprises me how many times ZD says we are listening but doesn't act.

  • João Siqueira

    I support the idea of allowing agents to provide feedback and rate our internal customers, who are also agents. Almost every company works like this. This is a problem since 2014, I think Zendesk could have a look upon this issue.

  • Elizabeth Cochran

    Scott Allison

    This is disappointing to hear.  My organization has 26 Agents out of 93 employees.  This would be so helpful, as it would help us understand team collaboration and help us have more data for metrics.  I know there are several other chats on this topic and wonder why this is not on someone's list to reprogram.  Definitely not paying for this option via third-party app.  

    Let's not celebrate the 10th anniversary of this Community Post!  Please!  ;-)


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