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  • Devon Nobrega

    I would also like to have the ability to delete or blacklist certain tags.  We have a few typos in our suggested tags and have no way to manually remove them ourselves.  

    @Nicole, thank you for the workaround.  I'll spread the word to my team to avoid the typos so that they eventually erase after two months.

  • Emily Harris

    @nicole the 60 day limit doesn't seem to be working for us. Can you explain a little more about where it drops from when we don't use it? The team has a specific list of approved tags and I still many old ones still try to auto-fill when typing in a tag and many of those are typos or misspellings that it's hard for me to imagine people are still using

  • Josh

    +1 for requesting this feature. Only a month into the product and typo tags are killing me :(

  • Al Hopper

    I just started looking at our tags (new role) and found we have 600+ with the vast majority of them being typo-type tags or personal tags that shouldn't have been created but are now being brought forward. As an example I have many that were used 1x in the last 30 days by 1 agent because they created a macro we didn't know about. Anytime I want to share a tag report for a period I spend more time filtering out those virtually unused tags than nearly any other part of the report generating process. 

    Another example is when using tags to track a sale or event. I'm currently QC'ing the tags daily just to make sure I can delete the misused tags before the ticket closes and gets stuck in the report.

    Being able to delete the older tags in general would be great, but just as important is the ability to delete tags after a ticket has closed.

  • Nicole

    I'm upvoting this request. We have multiple tags I wish to get rid of. One example:
    End of 2018 we had an issue with discount codes not working. Our previous Zendesk owner created a tag "discount_dec_18".
    This tag is still being used and I can find no reason for it. It's not put there by agents, but goes automatically. If I then look at the triggers that are used, not one includes the "add tag discount_dec_18". I can find no trigger or automation that adds this tag. It's also no longer needed. However, I have at least 180 tickets that still have this tag.

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    This is a long shot. Under Admin>Settings>Tickets>Tags there is an option to 'Enable automatic ticket tagging'. Could that be the source of discount_dec_18 being added to your ticket?

    This may not work for you, but if under the settings you disable the tags field from Support, agents can still add tags using macros and business rules can still add tags. It may give you a little more control over tag use.

  • Nicole

    Thanks Graeme. I noticed this option as well and have disabled it last week. I still see the tag in use, but it might be some older tickets. 
    Hopefully it will work fine with new tickets starting this week :)

  • Gasper Jubani

    +1 for this feature. I need to clean up my list of tags due to starting new automation process with new tags.

  • Ilaria Vilardi

    Upvoting this, as me and my team also have a bunch of typos or tags that we want to get rid of because it's nearly impossible to create reports that only reflect recent tickets. We want to be able to delete also old tags that we don't use anymore.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi all - 

    I've raised your feedback with the product team. They said they're interested in the idea and think it's a good one. They can't commit to implementing it just yet; it will have to be evaluated against the other features being considered for the next few sprints, but know that it is at a minimum being looked into. 

  • Mistyamber Reynolds

    Following for updates on this.

  • Mistyamber Reynolds

    Not having the ability to remove Tags is causing us to have bad data and greatly impacting reporting.  Old tags we no longer use, typo tags, and tags that Zendesk has created without our knowledge are impacting the accuracy of our reports.  We are unable to paint an accurate picture to our company.

    It is also VERY challenging to run any report on tags.  I have to keep a list of tags we use in excel so I can manually select the ones I want to show up in Explore reporting so I don't get a bunch of garbage data.  Please add this function ASAP.

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    I am not sure if this will help. But Zendesk provide a free app, Tag Locker, that may help going forward. While you cannot delete tags, it does limit tag use.

  • Al Hopper

    Thanks Graeme. We limited the ability to create new ones to certain profile levels so that should help a little, as did using macros to set/add tags for the agents.

    Let's get a delete function going! ;)

  • David Williams

    We also need the ability to manage (remove) tags from the auto-complete list presented to agents.

    We've tried the two currently available methods of removing tags and the first (To delete a tag from all open tickets) isn't much help as we have over a thousand! Unfortunately those that we wish to remove are low volume (yet still an issue) so don't appear in the top 100 list.

    The second (search for tickets by tag) we are about to use - but only for tickets that are yet to be 'closed' - however from my preliminary testing it doesn't appear to remove the tags from the auto-complete list that is presented to agents when they add a tag to a ticket.

    We've asked about a method of doing this so that we can prevent the re-use of tags we no longer require but unfortunately nothing is available yet. We'd like to request that the product team look into developing a tool please.

  • WW Support - Nicole

    How can I simply find a list of ALL tags we've used for the last 5 years? With using Explore, it makes it impossible to pull reports and we need to clean them up!!

  • Renee Morgan

    We need the ability to delete tags.  We have erroneous tags that are preventing needed functionality  

  • Jon Rothman

    Feels like this is going nowhere - but I think it's crazy ya'll haven't implemented this yet. 

  • Ricky Crane

    Pinged about this again. 3 years later after I message last time. 7 years after original and still not done with multiple requests. 😆 (keep rocking ✌️)

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi everyone, 

    So, there is a way to see all the tags you've used in Zendesk tickets, and then to remove ones you don't want, with the caveat that you can not remove tags from Closed tickets, because Closed tickets can't be modified in any way. Another caveat is that tags are used to connect tickets to the values of dropdown fields and (optionally) checkbox fields, so make sure you don't delete any tags that are going to mess those fields up.

    You'll use Explore to create a list of the tags, and then use an Automation to remove tags you don't want from non-Closed tickets:

    Build a report using Explore:

    1. In Explore, create a new Query using the Support (Tickets) dataset.
    2. Under Metrics, click Add > and select Tickets > Tickets.
    3. Next to Filters, click Add >, select Ticket > Ticket status, and exclude Closed tickets. (You can't change those tickets anyway, so there's no reason to clutter up your query results.)
    4. Under Rows, click Add > and select Ticket > Ticket tags.
    5. Go to Visualization type in the list of icons on the right side of your Explore query editor, and select Table.
    6. Give your query a name (where it says New query), and click Save so you don't have to remember how to build this query again next time.

    This should give you a table with two columns: a list of tags, and the number of tickets each tag was used in (for the tickets you haven't filtered out). I recommend exporting this (click the down-arrow by the Save button and select Export) to CSV, and import that file into your favorite spreadsheet program. Then you can flag the misspelled tags or whichever other tags you want to remove. Make a comma-separated list of the tags you want to remove.

    Then, you'll want to build an Automation to remove the tags:

    1. In Support, go to the admin settings and click Business Rules > Automations.
    2. Click Add Automation, and give your new automation a name, like "Remove old tags". (Best practices tip: you may want to add your name and the date to your automation name, in case someone else finds this automation later and wonders what it was for.)
    3. Under Conditions, select Ticket:Status less than Closed.
    4. Under Conditions, select Ticket:Tags contains at least one of the following, and paste your list of tags into the text field provided.
    5. Under Actions, select Ticket: Remove tags, and paste your list of tags into the text field provided here as well.
    6. Click Save.

    The tags fields in the automations editor will accept a large amount of text, but it's not unlimited. If you find it's telling your you've entered too much text, then split your list of tags into two or more chunks, and create an automation as I've specified above for each chunk of tags.

    The next time your automations run (roughly hourly), it will start removing the tags from tickets. If you have tens of thousands or more tickets that will be affected by this, the automation may not complete in the first hour – if that's the case, it will continue to run each hour and process more tickets until the task is complete. In fact, the automation will continue to run each hour, trying to find tickets with these tags and removing them, as long is you keep the automation active. But you can re-run the Explore query you created above and that should should that the tags you've selected should be removed, and then once those tags are gone, you can deactivate the automation by going back to Business Rules > Automations, clicking the checkbox next to your tag-removing automation(s), and clicking the Deactivate button that appears.

    I realize this isn't an easy one-stop "Remove Tags" shop, but hopefully it will give you what you need for now at least.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    In addition to the great workaround Dave offered, I can also say that this feature is on the product team's radar, and they are planning to tackle several items related to tags early next year - this one included. 

  • Perla

    That is great news, Nicole! The ability to correct typos would be great. The typo for lost_shirt is not a fun one to have on reports :) 


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