Add 'Remove cc' trigger/automation action


  • Brett Youngberg

    +1 We'd like this action/trigger available for Macros as well so you can mass update tickets and remove yourself or certain agents or all agents from being a cc on the ticket.

  • Andrew J
    Community Moderator

    @isaac - we only got to the point of removing all CCs, not individual ones.  Actually I had no use case for this so any effort I put in was only to help others in the community - run out of time for this.

    I think to make it work (having learnt just a little more code in the meantime) is that you'd need to fetch the existing CCs, then delete the CC to remove, then re-post the CCs.

    Post any code you've tried and maybe some clever brains will be able to troubleshoot it...

    @Brett - removing all CCs is possible. See - Removing ALL CCs from a ticket via a Trigger/Target.

    CC functionality is being reconsidered currently I believe...

    @Max McCal - can ability to remove CCs (agents) be included?  In my opinion - this would at simplest be an option in triggers etc.  

    I could see this being useful in a macro too to support a workflow that include adding a CC earlier in the process.

  • Eugene Tarasula

    + 1 on removing CC via automation

    +1 on allowing self CC removal by replying back to the email with some "Secret" word  (#NoCC) 

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey Mindaugas - 

    Please don't disparage our hard-working dev team. They're working on lots of awesome stuff! 

    CC issues involve a hefty evaluation around security and business impact - things that seem like they solve problems for some users create problems for others. I know that product is looking into several issues around CC functionality right now, and am hoping to have some updates around those things soon. 

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi all - 

    Quick update, the team is evaluating how CCs work and they're looking at a number of different possible solutions for the problems that currently exist within the cc functionality. They haven't yet made any final updates to what the solution(s) will be, but we'll continue to update you here as more specifics are determined. 

  • Thomas D'Hoe

    It would also be great to do it with Macro's

  • Aaron Schweitzer

    +1 for this feature.

    Being able to remove cc's on ticket creation (vs update as indicated in the HTTP target workaround) as well as adjust specific cc's would be ideal.

    Given that all other notifications are Trigger - driven, it seems intuitive to do the same with these.

  • Jeremy Holmes

    It is understandable that this takes a good bit of testing, but this feature has potential benefits across multiple scenarios. It is also one that seems that there would be greater progress on it since this thread is almost 7 years old. Is there any possibility we will see this in the next few months? 

  • Lester

    +1 for this too.


    We have users who cc their own Support team who use Zendesk.  Chaos ensues as the various ticket systems send acknowledgements  

  • Wally West

    +100000000000 :)

  • Andrew

    Any update on this? We really need the funcationality of removing Cc'd users. The issue: When a person sends in a ticket through an email and Cc's people for awareness, the original user receives just a ticket update email from Zendesk when we reply to them. The ticket update email mentions nothing about Cc'd users, and goes to all Cc'd individuals. 


    When those Cc'd individuals reply to the ticket, they think they are only talking to us, when in fact they are messaging the entire group. You can see where this could create some awkward email situations.


    Thank you

  • James Pitcher

    + 1 here - Customers often add our team's DL email to cc (usually in an attempt to get a faster response 😊), so we want to remove this automatically on any ticket, otherwise the whole team keeps getting emailed updates.

  • Alejandro Colon


    Can we get an official Zendesk response on this?

  • Deb Watterson - AMP Admin

    8 years and still nothing? Not even a button to remove all ccs?

  • Sara Ledger

    That solution doesn't work. One of the email lists is our mail Zendesk Guide email that needs to NOT be blacklisted. This IS a Zendesk Issue because Zendesk hasn't given us a way to handle CC's that we literally cannot control a customer adding without remove ALL of their CC's, including their own, valid CC's.

    The fact that there is no solution to this issue after obviously years of pain points for multiple customers (based on the comments) ignores an obvious need in the product that is literally a product issue because we cannot control what external customers add to the CC field.

  • Isaiah Petersen

    The ask is to create a "Remove CC" trigger action.  Why is that such a difficult request?  If you can have an "Add CC" trigger, why not be able to remove specific CC's via trigger?

  • Maintenance

    OMG 8 years and still not resolved.

    This one guy that logs calls , CC's Zendesk , and me as well , now i keep getting the updates on his calls logged. It doesn't even have anything to do with me.


    8 Years zendesk , please.

  • Sorin Alupoaie

    Hey everybody,

    Great news! 

    Given the strong demand for this capability in the current thread, I decided to build a FREE app that would help Zendesk customers automatically remove all or specific CCs from any new ticket.

    The app is work in progress, but you can register your interest from here.

  • Evolt Pty Ltd

    This is a classic example on how Zendesk doesn't care on what their users think. We are trying to make their product better. 10 Years later and this is still in the maybe pile. 

  • Jake Holman

    Hi Rob, how exactly would the rule know which CC to remove?

  • Loren Justins

    Or how do we stop emailing a CC?  eg.  We have a tag that gets checked and if it is there, when a job is updated, a notification is NOT sent to the recipeint.  The drama is, we cant control if one is sent to the CC!!

  • Team RIAB

    I'd also like to find some way to automate removal of CC's.

    We have emails sent from our billing system to our helpdesk so we can internally manage some of the order setup process. The problem is that the CC is the email address of the user who signed up.

    We then perform our internal processes and we like to comment to the ticket with some additional info. We have to remember to change the comment to Private before marking the ticket Solved. I'm sure at some point we will miss doing that part and the user will receive our internal notes. Automating the removal of the CC address would fix this for us I think.

    Another idea would be to add a trigger like "subject equals" or similar, so we can filter these types of emails based on their relatively unique subject.

  • Rinse Gijsman

    Is this already solved? There have to be an solution for this by working with some partners which need to add as CC sometimes. They doesnt need to see the public replies. I cant believe this feature isnt in zendesk already. 

    @Jake, could you please tell me if there is any progress for this? 

  • Glenn

    Would also like to see this. Even a "remove all CCs" action would be enough for what we need.

  • Bob Basi


  • Zalary Young

    We would also love to be able to remove CCs from tickets based on triggers or even an API call.  

    Our business case is that often we reply to users via email, either if the answer is quick and easy or if it's urgent, just to say we're looking into it.  According to our help ticket #352547 when we reply via email we are not yet assigned, so the responding agent is automatically cc-ed.  I have a trigger that assigns tickets to the first responding email agent, but apparently this happens after the cc is already added.   I would love to be able to add a trigger that removes the cc address of agent currently assigned - so at least I/we don't get double email notifications of user replies as well as notification of our own replies.

  • Owen Pickford

    +1 to removing all CCs. This would also be sufficient for our purposes. 

    This became abundantly apparent when I noticed that you can't control the information that is added to a ticket when recovering a suspended ticket as a comment in an existing ticket. Currently our agents have to recover the suspended ticket as a new ticket, remove the CCs then merge the ticket.

  • Prosper Van

    I think being able to use triggers to add people to the CC list and a button to clear the list would be better, at least in our case here. Of course temporarily removing responding agents from the CC list if they are doing so via email.  

  • Prosper Van

    Unless the notifications triggers actually works that way.

  • Barberp

    I have a client that wishes to have nine people cc'd into their tickets is there a way this can be done automatically? I have tried to see if a macro could be configured but could not see that it could.

    It would really be useful to be able to use triggers to add people to the CC list or even to be able to use a macro to be able to do this.


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