Add end-user as CC via Trigger or Automation



    We have a mix of uses for this but there are many users who we need to consider adding as a cc and not treat as an agent.

    Some are customers, some are contractors and very few internal people who just need visibility of tickets that meet set criteria but not interact.

    The best solution to involve people is the Trigger being set off by a Tag, however the disadvantage of this is they cannot log in to their helpdesk and see what tickets they have been cc'd in.

  • Taters Enterprises Inc.



    Is this thread still active?


    Its already 2016 and I found no features like this up to now.

    so sad.


    Everyone needs this feature.


  • Philippe Balogh

    Yes, this thread is still active but Zendesk is ignoring us for seven years now. :-(

  • AdamPearce

    They are hoping that we will all just give up!

  • Pierre Merrien

    Hi All,

    I posted a possible solution to this some time ago here: 


  • AdamPearce

    Hi Pierre,

    I know you did and my reply does not seem to have posted for some reason. I read through your article and it looked great but in order to have access to the 'ticket form' function, I understand that you need ZenDesk Enterprise. I only have Team unfortunately.

  • Philippe Balogh

    We don't run the Enterprise edition of Zendesk. And even if we did then the solutions and workarounds presented here are much too complicated. Zendesk users need a simple solution for a common problem. Maybe we all have to say goodbye to Zendesk sooner or later.

  • Lee Vidor

    Any movement on this feature, to Add end-user as CC via Trigger or Automation

  • Kevin Hunter

    +1 On this feature! Any action? 

  • Andrew Schreiner

    I have something that works for this. 

    1. Create a new URL Target
    2. Add in the following for the URL (replace with your Zendesk instance name)
    3. Change the method to a "PUT"
    4. Specify for following for the attribute
    5. Enter in a user account to authenticate to your Zendesk instance.
    6. Create the target.

    Next you need a macro to fire off to call the trigger.

    Add a new macro and specify your parameters for adding the cc.
    In my instance I used

    • Ticket is Created (All)
    • Ticket organization is _ (under ANY)

    Specify the action to be 

    Notifications: Notify Target and specify your target you created above.

    In the value field, enter in the email address you want to CC and save the macro.

  • Jim Cooper

    We're trying to setup a trigger or automation to carbon copy customers into certain tickets but there doesn't seem to be that option - can only copy in agents, not end users.

    Is this feature available elsewhere?

  • DJ Jimenez

    @Andrew I've been running a URL target to auto-add cc's since mid last year and it's inconsistent (about 95% success). The failures are due to a race condition as described in this article:

    5% error rate may be low for some people. However there are no indicators or notifications when it fails, so it's a complete mystery when it does.

  • Ron McClung

    I need this functionality badly!  I am making email groups agents just to email certain groups and that's costing us.  I need to be able to notify certain groups of certain actions the HD takes without having to pay for a non-existent agent.

  • Ron McClung

    It's ridiculous that my agents can CC any end-user but I can not add them automatically.  This needs to be changed.

  • Jim Naguib

    This feature request and this post have been ACTIVE since 2009 and I assure you they are not completely ignoring our requests.  They keep popping on from time to time to post updates and ask for information.

    ..but this feature request and this post HAVE been active since 2009.

  • Dan Duncan

    In response to Jake Holman's comment here:

    I think what Jake describes would address our need nicely.  Many of our customers are large law firms. Most issues/requests from end-users are handled by the firm's in-house IT/Helpdesk/Admin but in many cases the end-users will come straight to us (our Zendesk setup is pretty open).  In many cases, the firm wants to keep close tabs on the tickets their end-users open with us and they want to be able to comment if we need specific information that the end-user wouldn't know how or be able to gather themselves. The firm admins may also want to make sure their end-users aren't abusing the fact that our Zendesk is open and anybody at their firm can come straight to us. Some customers would also like these admins to be notified when new tickets are opened by end-users at the organization. Simply having the admin CC'ed on the tickets probably won't work for us, especially since the end-users are able to remove them. It would be better than nothing but still not what we would want to accomplish in the end. Is there another post related specifically to this sort of functionality that I can go vote/comment on?  I notice the one linked below was just posted recently but was not sure if there was another one with more information:


  • Tobias Braun

    @Jake Holman:

    I like your thinking from here:

    But we need a quicker solution, which would be to allow us to add CC target with a text input field. Your solution takes ages.

  • Philippe Balogh

    I asked Zendesk Support about the mentioned comment by Jake Holman from 2015. Zendesk Support told me that he has left the company and the Zendesk developer team isn't working on that. They told me to use a workaround which is more or less unusable.

    Our customers and our company are far away from being content with Zendesk's idleness.

  • Tobias Braun

    Wow thats really a shame. Zendesk this really sucks! We pay ALOT of money for your product and i think this is going to end soon.

  • Philippe Balogh

    Maybe it's best if any of us is asking Zendesk Support once a month about the progress on the possibility that (supervising) end users can comment tickets from their organization. It doesn't matter if a such a user is put CC or if he has the general right to comment. It's just important that it's possible in an automated way.

    Even an upgrade from Team or Regular to Professional Plan doesn't solve the problem because Zendesk's workaround is a unusable.

    The existence of the (unusable) workaround is at least something like a proof that Zendesk is aware of the problem although they deny that there is a problem or a missing function at all.

  • Petri Rossi

    Wow, unbelievable!

    Nice job (not!) Zendesk! Pretty much ignoring your paying customers on a simple feature request that would be important to many of your customers! Granted, implementation under the hood may be more complicated than the feature from a user's perspective but come on: 7+ years with nothing to show for!!

    Also, a fine example of poor communication: Zendesk should at least give feedback or just shoot this down rather than leaving the request/thread hanging for years!!

    Having said that, we have been using the work-around noted in the thread (trigger + http(s) target) for a while already and seems to work OK'ish for our needs.

  • Tobias Braun

    Lets create a Twitter hashtag .... #ZendeskCCGate

    @Petri: Can you link the workaround?

  • Petri Rossi

    I think this rates pretty high as far as "gates" go! :-)  #ZendeskCCGate

    @Tobias: Sure, here's a link to the Zendesk community moderator's article from 2015 as it's somewhere far back in the thread, courtesy of @Graeme Carmichael:

  • Petri Rossi

    ...obviously has some limitations and doesn't solve all use-cases.

  • Petri Rossi

    ...also, note the potential issue with using triggers + target to update tickets, due to possible race condition, noted few posts back in the thread:

    However, we've continued using the work-around for auto-CC (on organization's tickets). Probably should not hit a race condition when the CC field cannot be updated by a trigger anyway. In any case, user discretion is advised.

  • Tom Nowaczynski

    Chiming in as another customer that NEEDS this functionality. 

  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    Hi Zendesk, 

    I was asked by Jessie Schultz, your Community Manager to post this here in the hopes that Zendesk PM can see it. It was originally written as a response for this thread, about using the self-target for API updates.


    • The responses from Zendesk in initial post:

      'If a workflow is not possible using our native functionality, it's probably for a reason.'


      'Consider re-evaluating what it is you want to accomplish. In most situations, you'll discover a simpler approach to solving a problem.'

      Isn't really adequate, and feels a bit patronizing, to be honest. In our experience, the 'reason' is just that it's not been done on Zendesk's side, in some cases in spite of overwhelming and longstanding feedback from users requesting it (such as the request Tom linked to above). The 'simplest' way to solve the problem would be to just be able to select a given ticket property from a drop down in the trigger setup.

      As a user of the self-target API workflow, I'd much prefer not having to use them. What would be better would be if Zendesk added more ticket properties as actions in triggers, or at least aimed for parity between things we can evaluate and things we could act on.There's a lot of feature requests that demonstrate a longstanding desire from users for things are often accomplished with these workflows.


      Example 1. We would like to automatically change the recipient email on a ticket, so that our outbound replies come from a certain address if certain conditions are met, such as a VIP customer who contacts the regular support email. They should have their reply sent from a special VIP@ email, instead of the default one for the brand. Ticket Recipient cannot be set as an action in triggers, though it can be used as a condition in the trigger ( 'Ticket received at' ). If we can evaluate it as a condition, why can we not act on it?

      1a. We'd also like to be able to CC their account manager or another end user when these users create tickets! ( a feature request that's 7 years old, 327 comments and 312 upvotes!)

      Example 2. - Another common use case is field scrubbing when customers create followup tickets. Text, numeric and date fields can't be cleared by a trigger when a follow up ticket is created. We don't want or need the duplication of data into the new ticket, the issue might not be related. By prefilling a value, it bypasses any restrictions around required fields.

      Customers often create a follow up for an old issue just because it's easier to reply to an email they received than try to go to the HC and fill out a new form.

      There's no doubt this workflow of using a trigger to self update Zendesk via the API isn't a great one. Unless Zendesk implements the ability to triggers and automations to utilize *all* ticket properties as a condition and as an action, it's going to be a necessary evil that continues to irritate your admins, agents and users (and probably your support team). At the very least, if all the properties can't be done, they should be able to have parity between being a condition to evaluate and an actionable property.

  • Jonathan March


    Another use-case for better control over CCs:

    We have a customer who routes their email through a support desk, which has an auto-responder. We can use the wording in the auto-response boilerplate to suppress notifications, but we can't suppress the CCs (which the customer uses because they have multiple actors) sent out by ZD when their auto-response is received. As a result, each round with this customer includes an immediate 10 autoresponses (after which their autoresponder stops responding).

    Reference: support ticket #2501164

    I just signed up for the phone call.


  • Mark Fisker

    Would like this functionality as well, would error proof the cc process and would really help with customer service. Even Zendesk's internal employees want this feature! Come on Zendesk, you can do it!


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