Sort Tickets by columns like "Subject", "Requester" and "Status" at the "Organization requests" page


  • Ashlee Shaw

    We have received multiple end user complaints about the lack of the ability to sort their tickets as well as to hide closed/solved tickers.

    Many of our end users are high volume users and require the ability to sort to be able to communicate effectively with our teams.

    This feature is absolutely necessary and I'm surprised that given the native ability for agents to sort that end users have essentially no control over how they view their communications.

  • Jens Müller


    our customers are companies with many employees. In this context quite a lot of tickets are created within one organization.

    1) It is necessary to filter tickets by status (e.g. all tickets that are not solved or closed).

    2) It is necessary to sort tickets by requester, status and other fields.


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