Sort Tickets by columns like "Subject", "Requester" and "Status" at the "Organization requests" page



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    Gorka Cardona-Lauridsen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all, thank you for your feedback!

    I'm happy to tell you that we are currently working on a feature that will let you enable sort and filter on most columns/fields for end users and let you expose more fields as well.

    We expect this to be available in first half of 2022, most likely in open beta. We are taking a phased approach to the release so improved sorting and filtering will be in the first release and the ability to expose more fields will come as soon as possible afterwards.

    If you need this functionality sooner there are currently some possible workarounds by customizing your Help Center theme.

    Check out:

  • Ashlee Shaw

    We have received multiple end user complaints about the lack of the ability to sort their tickets as well as to hide closed/solved tickers.

    Many of our end users are high volume users and require the ability to sort to be able to communicate effectively with our teams.

    This feature is absolutely necessary and I'm surprised that given the native ability for agents to sort that end users have essentially no control over how they view their communications.

  • Jens Müller


    our customers are companies with many employees. In this context quite a lot of tickets are created within one organization.

    1) It is necessary to filter tickets by status (e.g. all tickets that are not solved or closed).

    2) It is necessary to sort tickets by requester, status and other fields.

  • Jens Müller

    Thank you for the feedback on my proposal. I am looking forward to the new feature. :-)

  • Josef Prandstetter


    Gorka Cardona-Lauridsen: Will this new feature include custom fields as well?
    Means display, sort and filter custom fields in Help Center at the "Organization requests" page.

    Best Regards,
    Josef Prandstetter

  • Gorka Cardona-Lauridsen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Josef Prandstetter

    Will this new feature include custom fields as well?

    We will make custom fields available to be displayed, sorted and filtered on, but due to some dependencies it will be in phase two mentioned above. It is the most important sub-feature of this initiative, so it will not be forgotten.

    There could be some exceptions based on the custom field type though we are still working through the details. Like sorting and filtering on multi select and credit card fields - multiselect is tricky and credit card fields don't seem useful to sort and filter by.

  • Josef Prandstetter

    Gorka Cardona-Lauridsen: This are really great news for us, which we expect very excitedly!

  • jihoon lee

    Gorka Cardona-Lauridsen~!

    Any good news here?

    The first half of 2022 is already over.

  • Scott Burnham

    Why did this stop working?!?? Sort by subject is super important, and now it is dead.... Has anyone here tried FreshDesk? 


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