Call Back Feature: Request Time Frame



  • Jim
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Greg!

    The feature you described isn't available yet in Zendesk Talk. The current "call back" feature that we have is only enabling your customers to choose between waiting on hold in a queue or requesting a callback. When customers select callback, their places are held in the queue and their call is automatically returned when an agent is available to talk with them.

    When this feature is enabled on a number, your customers will hear a Callback greeting after the Available agents greeting has played. This greeting informs them that they can press 2 to request a callback. After that, they have the following options:

    Press 1 to request a callback on the number they've called in from.
    Press 2 to request a callback to a different number.
    Press 3 to return to the queue on hold.


  • Bryant Eadon

    Totally hear this - but what customers are asking us for is "schedule a time with me in the future when I am available to talk".  This is very different than asking the customer to dial into a talk queue, or "customer wants a call back" when at the front of the queue.  For this type of integration - consider using a tool like Calendly -- which offers the agent(s) available times, and allows the customer to select from available times.   With an integration to Google Calendar - then agent's calendars are known and rules can be set for each "type" of call an agent should have that auto-populates the agent's Calendar system (this example is Google Calendar).


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