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  • Dan L

    I wanted to chime in as another customer requesting the ability to use templates to create articles from inside Guide. This was a feature of the previous knowledge base I used. This helps us create more consistent documentation for our customers and helps our analysts create better documentation from the start.

    For example, in Guide if I go to Add > Article I want to be able to fill in the usual info (Managed by, Visible to, Publish in Section, Author, Owner, Labels, etc) and then select a template to start from. Instead of seeing a blank screen to start from I'd like them to select from a small list of available templates and start from something like this:

  • Aicha Diarra

    Hi Zendesk team, 

    Can we please get an answer as to whether you're ever planning to add this feature from the Guide portal? Surely, there are enough responses below this post to show that this would be hugely beneficial to your users. 

    It seems that you already have the KCTemplate tag so having another drop down in the Guide section that could leverage articles tagged with this. If you're not planning to add this feature, could you tell us why you think that this isn't necessary/can't be done?


  • Antonio Maninha

    Last time I checked on a feature request it took ZD over 11 years to think about it, then they said it would be available soon and then it was not.
    I wish ZD Product managers could better listen to the customer’s needs.

  • Maring

    I want to go ahead and chime in on this one - I work with clients and manually create templates that require copy-pasting. The KCTemplate tag is great if support agents are also responsible for content, but that's just not how most companies function. Most of us responsible for content rarely touch the Support product as we're getting things out. It is pretty sad how far behind Zendesk is from competitors on the Knowledge product, especially given how urgently everyone has been moving toward self-serve solutions the last few years.

    For the folks on this thread, I found a product board on the Guide product recently - I forgot how I found it, but it was super helpful to see. I'm not sure if submitting feedback here would be helpful, but it's worth a shot?

    (Zendesk, if you have this for other products, can you please let us know!)

    Also - if this is a real problem for your teams, you could consider using a 3rd party CMS (if you aren't already) and an API integration to get the content into Zendesk. It's something to consider if you compare cost for a 3rd-party CMS vs Enterprise for access to content block and authoring tools, but know that getting an article API going can be a little dicey. I've seen it done with ok success - to be clear, I have very minimal coding experience myself, but I do feel it's possible if you have access to a developer who knows their stuff and has the time/patience to get it right! It may be worth sending some info over to your dev teams for further exploration if you have the resources/are already using another CMS.

  • Antonio Maninha

    Why do you need to have workarounds and spend countless amounts of money in APIs, integration when Zendesk just needs to to fix what customers need?
    They said their priority was content blocks, let’s move on past that because content creation and seamless integration and ease of use should be the word of order.
    ZD needs to listen to their customers:
    - Why can’t we create articles using the existing templates?
    - Why do we need to copy and paste?
    The feature already exists in the knowledge capture app.
    I do like the product, I like ZD don’t get me wrong and I use it everyday. But ZD makes a terrible job listening to the customers needs vs wants that someone demands in order to renew the contract with Zendesk.

  • Josh

    We really need templates in guide...

  • Sara Anthony

    Hi there! Just checking in if this was something that could be addressed. thank you!

  • Antonio Maninha

    Maybe by 2033. Zendesk does not listen to their customers, sorry but it’s the truth.

  • Carmen Reilly

    As a company just starting to use Zendesk - we have 100's of KB's we want to add without a ticket.  Very frustrating that we are unable to make use of templates in Guide.  It looks like this feedback request was started in 5 years ago - Is this on the roadmap? 

  • Antonio Maninha

    Carmen Reilly such an obvious feature that actually used to be available was removed.
    Zendesk does not listen to the customers, which is very disappointing because that feature, in particular, enables the business. I guess we need to keep copying and pasting enabling carpal tunnel...

  • Katarzyna Karpinska
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi All, 

    Thank you for sharing your feedback and your frustration. I am reading it all and can I'm taking it under consideration when I'm prioritizing work for my teams. As much as I'd like to fulfill every customer request, I must make tough choices when deciding the order of features we are committing to. 

    For the last couple of years, our main focus in knowledge management is:

    • providing tools for better content creation like a better editor, easier management of images and attachments, and advanced HTML components 
    • content reusability: content blocks and article multiplacement (which is particularly long-lived request)

    As well as keeping our systems compliant, secure, and reliable. We still have a lot of work in these areas before we can consider the commitments to our customers fulfilled. Therefore as much as I'd like to provide you with a better update I can't say now when we'll work on Article Templates. 

    Maring yes! The product board roadmap was published for the purpose of gathering feedback. I'm working on publishing its replacement now and I hope to share it with the rest of my product organization. 

  • Antonio Maninha

    Katarzyna Karpinska
    Not trying to be negative here but Zendesk comments yours included, bring a hand full of nothing.
    You just made a nice comment that solves no problems that Zendesk users have.
    Zendesk used to have the ability to transfer content to the knowledge templates and removed it.
    Why when a user starts an article he can not pick an existing template? Does that make any sense to you Katarzyna? From a UI and UX perspective, does that make any sense? I don't think so.
    Grab a group of Zendesk users and have a monthly discussion about what we really need and not what it might be COOL  to have. That way Zendesk might be able to retain more customers...

  • Manuel Moreira

    This feature is soooo important and so easy to implement. Please, Zendesk

  • Sofia Koivuniemi


    This initial request has been done almost 6 years ago. Since you already have the article template possibility in the Knowledge Capture app, implementing this in Guide should be a small task for a developer to do.

    Having the template available in guide would help our content creators save time, by not having to copy paste article structures from other articles. It would also help us in ensuring a better level of quality assurance.  

    I would also be interested in seeing a roadmap for Zendesk Guide, as it was requested in other threads here, but never given to requestors. Does a roadmap for this part of your product even exist, if you are unable to provide the documentation to your customers? Katarzyna Karpinska


  • Meagan Jenkins

    +1 for needing templates in Guide itself. 

    We are working on "democratizing" our Help Center content and allowing folks from CS, tech support, implementations, professional services, etc to write content. However, they're not documentation writers by trade, so they need templates to help guide the creation of their content. Right now, we're trying to manage it by using a Google doc with the template that they can copy and use for their first draft and then paste all that into Guide. It would be so much easier if they could just select a template when they go to create a new article instead. 

  • Sara Anthony

    Meagan Jenkins we  have the same problem with the way zendesk is currently laid out. We use a tool to create a template that is applied automatically for teams to use and make sure that they follow proper guidelines etc. 


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