How do I report on a field value update?


  • Marie-Cathrine
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    Hi Charlie,

    Have you tried selecting the Changes - Field name as well? That attribute can limit the result to the specific custom field that you want the data for. Here is a quick example of how you can get tickets updated where the selected field was updated from NULL to a value.

    1. Use the Support: TIcket updates dataset
    2. Select the metric Tickets updated
    3. In rows select the attribute Changes - New value
    4. In filters select Changes - Field name and select the field you want data for (I've selected Jira Status in this example) and Changes - Previous value and select NULL

    #helpsome regards,
    Marie-Cathrine Sørensen
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  • Charlie Smith

    Thanks @...! That helped on my report, but I'm still having some issues with my dashboard itself. I want the dashboard to display tickets that were updated when the specific custom field was updated. I have a data filter on my dashboard with the field, but I'm not sure how to accurately configure it so that it shows me the number of tickets with this field updated on a specific day. 

  • Marie-Cathrine
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    There are different ways to go about this.

    If you just want the daily data for that specific query on the dashboard do one of the following:

    The first one is to add the Update - Date attribute as a column and then set the visualization to Table. This way you can monitor the daily number even though a longer time period is selected in the time filter on the dashboard. Remember to update the time filter to apply on Support: Ticket updates - Update

    The other one is simply to update the time filter to apply on Support: Ticket updates - Update. Then when you select a day in the filter, you will see the number of updates that day. If you then select a longer time period, the numbers will be the total for that time, and it will not be broken down by days.

    If you want the whole dashboard to be filtered based on that update, you can do this:

    Use the same setup as mentioned in my first comment, but on the dashboard instead. This will then apply to all the queries on that dashboard that was created using the Support: Ticket updates dataset. You can then combine it with either option 1 or 2 from the other solution to break it down by days.

    I hope this helps you get closer to what you want :) 

  • Charlie Smith

    Thanks @..., this is starting to give me more accurate data but I'm still finding tickets missing from my query on the dashboard.

    I have a time filter on my dashboard, and it's filtered to 'Support: Ticket Updates - Update' and 'Support: Ticket Updates - Ticket Updated'. 

    My query however isn't showing all the tickets that it should be. I'm still finding tickets where the field is updated on the date range I selected, but it doesn't show in my query.

  • Charlie Smith

    Looking into it a bit more, I'm still only seeing the reports show ticket updates, and not specifically the date when the custom field is updated. 


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