Create Query from two different datasets



  • Joy Newsome

    Another vote for the ability to combine datasets. I need to be able to show performance of agents updating knowledge base articles that don't have anything to do with tickets.

  • Kerry Sorenson

    Hi - adding a use case from this in response to my support ticket (#11483638).

    We're currently not able to track SLA by agent due to the inability to query from two datasets. For example, in ticket 2521989, both agent Max Brand and agent Juliua Fraser replied to the customer. Yet, in Explore, I'm only able to attribute the SLA targets to Juliua Fraser since she is the current ticket assignee. We need a way to look at the assignee of the time of the SLA breach/achievement. 

  • Jeremie Thomelin


    This feature would be really helpful.

  • Ben Cruttenden

    I agree, this is a critical feature that would be very useful.

  • bill cicchetti

    The backlog dataset has some valuable information but there is little flexibility in terms of drilling down into the data.  Allowing the ability to use this in conjunction with the ticket datasets would be a huge plus.

  • Kristal Offutt

    +1! Having an easy to view "scorecard" would be much easier rather than scrolling between different reports to the same week on a dashboard - would be nice to have all side by side.


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