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  • Morgan H.

    We use the guide feature as an internal KB only so similarly this feature is really a negative for us. We have no way to disable it but do have information in our Guide.  

  • James Dorney

    I assume there is no change to this functionality?

    Like Morgan above, we are using the help centre as an internal knowledgebase only.  The Knowledge Capture app is being hooked into the KB to display relevant articles to Agents, in addition to allow for new articles to be created from tickets.

    There is currently no desire to expose the help centre to end-users.  This may change in future once the knowledgebase expands to a point it is fit for customer use but this is potentially 12+ months away.

    This seems like a basic piece of functionality that is missing and should be added.

  • Paul Benson

    We have a situation where we want certain customers to see their list of open tickets, but have no knowledgebase.  But only the users that are part of an organization, all the other unorganized users aren't aware of our zendesk portal/url and therefore also shouldn't be receiving welcome emails.  The only way I could disable them was by not allowing our customers in organizations from being able to see their list of tickets which is quite unfortunate.

  • My company would like to turn off these welcome emails as well. We communicate with a number of other companies as well as clients and this is a major annoyance to a majority of individuals we deal with. 

  • Dave Dyson

    Thanks everyone for this feedback. For what it's worth, you can prevent the Welcome email from being sent to users when users are created by an Agent or Admin (by making sure the checkbox shown in the original poster's screenshot is unchecked): Can I disable the welcome email notification for new end users?

    This also means that the Welcome email can be prevented when users are created via Bulk Import: A note about welcome email sent to users in a bulk import

    And the verification email can be prevented when creating users via the API: Create User

  • Ramona F

    Hi Dave! For a company where more than 95% of users are created via chat or incoming emails, these notification are a huge annoyance to us and to our customers. I really hope you will find a solution to turn off this notification. 

  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Ramona, thanks for this feedback. The only other way I currently know to prevent these emails being sent in those cases it to not have an active Help Center (which would likely be undesirable for other reasons).


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