How do I sign up for the Conference Calling EAP?


  • Tim Dean

    We applied for this over 2 months ago. Can you please provide us with a status update of our application for this EAP function.

  • Piotr Planeta
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey, should be enabled today!

  • Tim Dean

    Thank you Piotr Planeta! Works perfectly.

  • Tyler Okland

    We're approved for EAP. However, when we moved all of our sales staff into Sell, all of their lines do not have this capability except for the one line that was approved. We were told the EAP was on an account level instead of a user level. It's been over a week of back and fourth chat messages with no resolution. The Zendesk Sell phone system is lacking major functionality that a phone system and CRM need to be remotely close to even a minimal viable product. 


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