Caller ID on outbound calls


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    Rohan Gupta
    Zendesk Product Manager


    Thank you for the feedback!

    Showing the company name associated with the phone number to the end user is in the longer term roadmap but cannot commit on any date for its availability.





  • Neil Weldon
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi William,

    It is possible to add an external number, which is a number not in Talk but which can be used for making outbound calls and using the Caller ID of that number. Details on how to do that are here.

    Otherwise the Caller ID of Talk numbers should be preserved when making outbound calls.

    Hope that helps with your issue


    Neil Weldon | Director of Product

  • Erika H

    @Neil Follow up question - my company recently launched Talk and it has mostly been a success.  We were eager (and able) to add our external number for the outbound caller ID.  Unfortunately, we didn't realize that the "callback calls" feature would still display the ZenDesk phone number from the group the customer was routed to.  We assumed that our external number, when configured as the only "outbound calls enabled" number for the account, would override the caller ID across the board.  Is there any plan of expanding that functionality so that our customers consistently receive callbacks from our longstanding/reliable/trusted external phone number?

  • Randell Meadows


    We also are interested in this functionality. Seems like an easy fix. The work-around provided here with another external number is far from ideal.



  • Sydney Larson

    This is a huge issue for us as well. We need our calls to customers to show our Caller ID -- business name not phone number. Otherwise we just look like one of the many phone spammers out there and our customers don't answer because they don't know it's us. This feature would have such a massive positive impact on all your customers' businesses, Zendesk!

    I see that Zendesk has closed some threads asking for this even though the only thing that was solved was to show phone number caller ID, not business name

  • Brian Dauer

    Bumping this thread, this is important and should not continue to be overlooked.

  • Austin Beck

    I agree,

    With the increase in the financial cost to use Zendesk Talk this should be an option.  There seems to be little action to create a better service experience for Zendesk consumers. Zendesk, feel free to contact me to discuss this further.

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2021

    Very interested in this; many Zendesk customers need this!

  • Antonio Cecchi

    Since you use Twillio for the talk feature I looked to see if it was available in that platform and I found this article which seems to indicate that it can be done through a support request to the Twillio team.



    This is crazy this isn't available to Zendesk Talk users.  We are an outbound call center that NEEDS patients to know who is calling. People will not answer the phone if it's a spammy 800#.  Any idea when this will be added to the roadmap?


  • Austin Beck

    Good afternoon,

    I attempted to use the Twilio article you provided and could not gain a clear understanding of how the outbound caller ID would be manipulated. I attempted to submit a request to Twilio but it requires a account ID which I do not have. Since our account was created with Twilio while setting up our Zendesk Talk number can you provide this in a secure manner to me?

    Thank you!

  • Sydney Larson

    William (and everyone else) - I reached out to Twilio support about this and can share what I learned.

    TLDR: Zendesk can write in to Twilio to ask for your Caller ID (CNAM) to be set to your company name (the owner of the phone # has to make this request). I asked Zendesk to do this an they submitted the request for me. The CNAM update was made but no one is able to say how long it takes to populate the databases so I'm not sure how long to wait to test it (plus it sounds like it's not foolproof...some customers may still not see the caller ID as you wan tit). Below is the longer explanation from Twilio.



    Regarding what you want here, CNAM, the big caveat here is that we don’t control how the callee’s carrier looks up CNAM. Nowadays we can request CNAM updates for Twilio phone numbers from the United States, but it is not possible for us to guarantee it will display correctly every time for everyone. CNAM isn’t something we send, unlike a CallerID, it’s something that the callee’s carrier looks up from a database when a call comes in. If they hit a database that’s not up to date, it can display wrong, or if they don’t hit it at all, it won’t display

    Caller ID query/return is generally the responsibility of the terminating carrier. While many terminating carriers query the database we use for Caller ID, some query other databases and some require their subscribers to purchase enhanced services for Caller ID return.

    I just want to set your expectations here. We consider this a best-effort scenario where we can request our provider update the CNAM for a Twilio phone number, however, as mentioned we are unable to guarantee it's delivery to a destination simply due to us not having control over how the destination carrier queries a number.

    However, we will need the Twilio project owner to write in the request to us. Please ask Zendesk reach out to us with providing the phone number and the name you would like to update. CNAM is limited to 15 characters because of an industry standard.


  • William Smith

    Piling on... adding to the requests for Caller ID/ANI control. Please make this a higher priority, Zendesk team.

  • Jason Buchanan

    Adding to the request for Caller ID on outbound calls. With the proliferation of SPAM calls it is unreasonable that we would expect our customers to accept a call from a random number and city. We need the Caller ID to reflect that we are calling.

  • Sarah

    I'll beat the dead horse too- this should be a priority. 

  • Heather Shetrawski

    Why is ZD ignoring requests for this feature?? It is such basic functionality for any business/support phone line and does not make sense to have to use an external number workaround. Customers are missing our outbound calls because they see the 855 number and assume it's a spam call or telemarketer. I would like an update on the ETA for this please. 


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