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  • Flair Customer Support

    A reasonable feature request that's been sitting around for over 5 years implies that it's not a trivial implementation or ZD has more important features to work on.

    There's are endpoints that can be used. It's a bit brutish, but at least we can delete a label.

    Get a list of labels and ID's:

    Search for articles by label ID (make sure it's not being used):

    Delete label from article (in case it's being used):

    Delete label by ID:

    So you can do this from a browser. Here's how to get all labels:

    https://<your ZD implementation>

  • Heather Briggs

    I agree, being able to just change the label name would be very helpful.  While you can't fix a typo you can do bulk editing of articles you can update them to a "new good label" in masse. Create the new label.  Then go to your published articles, change the filter to search for the "bad label" you want to fix. Select all the articles, un-select the "bad label", select the "new good label" and republish. The other labels for each article still remain untouched.  The bad label still appears when you are adding articles so you could select it again but at least you can fix it.

  • Marina Gu


  • Joyce Yang


  • Eckhard Doll

    5 years and nothing... improving existing features seems to be very low on Zendesk's list of priorities. It's all about new features and products.

  • Kasper Sørensen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all,

    Wanted to let you know that @... and I are working on a solution for content tagging that goes across articles, community posts and more. We're still at the early proof-of-concept stage, so I can't share that just yet, but we are very aware that there is a need to serve here!

  • Donna J

    I have individual articles with 36+ sometimes more labels. I want to bulk-delete all of these labels because when they were added, someone was under the impression that the more words in a label, the better. Ugh. This is stuff that should have been in there from the beginning... not as a 5-year-old afterthought that's just now getting some implementation attention.


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