Tickets Created. Difference between tickets dataset and ticket updates dataset.


  • Tim G

    Hi Araceli!

    Yeah... very good question. I saw this pop up the other day, and I would have thought exactly the same as you - that the numbers should be the same!

    Out of interest, are you finding that the count on the Ticket Updates dataset is always the higher one of the two? 

    I thought I'd see if we were seeing the same issue in our Zendesk Explore data, and sure enough, we see a similar thing. I narrowed it down to one sample comparison where I was seeing 582 'created' in the Tickets dataset, but 584 in the Ticket Updates dataset. 

    Out of interest, I dragged the 'Ticket ID' attribute into the rows for the Ticket Updates query, so that it then showed e.g. 1098146 | 1 for almost every row, which makes sense... 1 ticket creation for every ticket! 

    But... there were two tickets which had 2 ticket creations for the same ticket ID - those both looked to be merged tickets - so the ticket that had the other ticket merged into it, was counted as 2, and the ticket that was merged into the other ticket was counted as 2.

    I'm not sure if that's correct or not from a 'back end' point of view, I guess it isn't immediately intuitive, but at the same time, technically there were two ticket creations in each of those two tickets, I guess? 

    So for me, excluding any tickets that have the closed_by_merge tag then gives the correct count of 582 (it'll be counting the non-closed-out half of the merged ticket as 2, but that's ok since technically it was 2 created tickets merged into one - but at least it's not double counting each half of the merged ticket).

    Anyway, hope that helps - I wonder if you're seeing the same thing with merged tickets, or if it's something else maybe dissecting the Updates dataset with the ticket ID row in there too will help shed light on what might be different?




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