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    Tiffany Green
    Zendesk Employee

    Thanks for your suggestion, Fernando! If others think that would be a useful feature, please upvote it using the up and down arrows on the comment.

  • Fernando Constantino

    Thank you for this Tiffany. 


    One thing I would like to request is to have the ability to only have the modal pop with external facing items. 


    Example only pop with public reply and with attachments but not with an internal note. 

  • Jacob R.


    As an enhancement, it would be great to have the ability to choose some of our custom Zendesk fields to display in the dialog so the agent can review if that information is correct prior to submitting the ticket.

    Additionally, and along the same line of thinking, to be able to review the Status the ticket is being submitted with on the dialog that is displayed. As it currently stands the dialog grays out the Status and makes it very difficult to determine.

  • Jacob R.

    We would also like to see the checkboxes to verify the CC's default to being checked. It seems like an easy way to accidentally have them stripped off of a ticket by defaulting the boxes to be unchecked.

  • Ryan Thrash

    It would be awesome if the ticket preview was actually a true, formatted preview to catch any mistakes with Markdown formatting.

  • 奥 祥弓(奥光)

    It is not work for making new ticket. Please respond to this case.  

  • Tipene Hughes
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    Hi 奥 祥弓(奥光)

    Thanks for reaching out!

    Would you mind providing a bit more detail around the issues you're experiencing and I'll be happy to help as best I can.

    Look froward to hearing from you!


  • kakei.takaaki

    Thank you for always supporting this app!
    I have a two-point request.

    The first point is that I would like you to extend the time-out time. Our team sets the timeout value to 30 seconds. However, there was feedback that some agents were impatient with short timeouts. If possible, please consider extending the timeout value. For example, 60 seconds.

    Second, I would like you to review the function that unselected recipients are removed from the ticket CC list. There was feedback that some agents sometimes unintentionally removed recipients from the CC list. If all recipients are not selected, it would be nice if the agent couldn't save the ticket.

  • Florian Obermayer


    We also suffer from the "CC" removal issue, since it also removes followers of tickets which we use to communicate with light agents of other departments.

    Now to my actual feature request:

    I'd like to be able to use the "Words or phrases to disallow" feature also to work if the app's timeout is set to 0. This way, the app can effectively prevent tickets from being sent with e.g. unwanted placeholders the agent might have forgotten to replace.

    Many thanks and best regards,


  • Marcin Miodek

    Unfortunately, this app lacks the functionality of standard "undo" options available, for example, in Gmail, Freshdesk, or Outlook, which is really disappointing. 


    The option to cancel ticket submission is presented in an obtrusive pop-up window. The rest of the page is frozen when it is visible. 
    It only considers sending public or private messages as "ticket submission". It does not consider any other changes to ticket properties. 
    It is only possible to enable the app for specific groups or roles, which makes it especially inconvenient to share with only a single user or a specific number of users (needs creating a new role or a new group which can be confusing on various places like ticket reassignment). 
    I enabled it for my team to test it, but almost immediately the whole team requested to have it disabled, because it was too obtrusive and not really useful. 


    The biggest issue, for me personally, is that after a few times, I got used to the pop-up and simply developed a muscle reflex to click "Save". This means that I would automatically send any message without even reviewing it. This way, it is even easier to send a message with a typo/mistake than without the app. After clicking "Save" there is no extra time to review the changes, they are immediately saved. 


    What I would like to request is an "undo" feature working in a similar manner as the Gmail undo:
    - agent submits their message
    - the message is not immediately sent, but there is some extra time delay provided to review it (e.g. 5 seconds)
    - during this extra time, it is possible to cancel the ticket submission
    - once the extra time passes, the ticket is automatically submitted
    - after submitting their message, if the agent does not want to review it, they can just go to the next ticket (even this is currently not possible due to the pop-up window freezing the background including other Zendesk ticket tabs)


  • 森下 新司

    I have a request.


    "Configure words or phrases that should be checked on ticket submission", I want to apply this function to only public replies. Is it possible to update?

  • 出口 裕

    If you put a pop-up warning on every screen, users will get used to it and stop looking at it.

    Requests include
    1. Display a popup when a prohibited term is used.
    2. Prohibited terms should not contain the previous letter.

  • Stacy Robinson
    Zendesk Luminary

    We have the issue where agents are responding to agents in other groups, but don't assign the ticket to them. It would be great if there was a pop up that says "Is this assigned to the person/group you are trying to reach?"


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