Zendesk Talk - Warm transfer to Agent groups


  • Bonni Poch

    We were trying to figure the same thing out this afternoon.  Without the warm transfer option for groups, we're at a disadvantage and the caller is basically put back into queue.  

  • Bthomas

    We have two tiers of Support.  If tier 1 can't answer a question, ideally they'd reach out to whoever is available in tier 2.  To make a smooth transfer to the new support agent in the group, it would be ideal to have a warm transfer so the tier 1 agent can provide context to the tier 2 agent.


    It would also be great if the ticket automatically gets transferred to the new agent instead of creating a separate ticket for the new agent.

  • Anne-Flore Caire


    We are also interested by a evolution to make available the functionality when transferring to a Group.

    An another way could be to display in the "Agents list", the list of the agents including in the searched group (today the system display the agents for which the name answered to the search).
    Like this, we could see the disponibility of each one and choose a available agent to do a supervised transfer with the functionality already available when it 's with just one person.

    (and when they are several diaplayed groups reponding to the search : when we'll pass over the group's name, a color'll be applied on it (like today) and could be applied over the names of the agents in the group)

  • Melanie Hobman


    We are currently trialling Talk in very early stages, and have the same structure as Bthomas, I was thinking we could do a work around by transferring to the group via a separate Talk number rather than cold transferring to the group and manually assign the ticket across to the answering agent in the group.

    My concern with this is would we then get double billed for the call or does the charging on the inbound number stop when it's transferred to another number?  I am assuming it does since the number for all Zendesk Talk knows is external?

    Also it could get messy with duplicate tickets and merging potentially so we would have to see how that goes.

    Any advice on this would be appreciated.

  • Kara Glover

    We'd also really like to be able to warm transfer where the customer is consulted too, eg. Introduce the customer to the internal/external number, then return to the customer to let them know that you're transferring them and who they'll be speaking with, then select transfer.


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