Bring back chat visitor list with Agent Workspace


  • Philip Gray

    We recently enabled Agent Workspace primarily for the better integration that it offered between Chat and Zendesk Support.

    But the changes it has made to the visitor list has meant that we're not able to manually initiate chats with our visitors on a proactive basis.

    The current situation forces us to make a lose/lose decision about the Chat product: we either lose the integration between Chat and Support that AW provides, or we lose the ability to use an important feature that Chat provides.

  • Ayush Upadhyay
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Philip Gray and Jamie Noell,  

    I am sorry to hear that Visitor list was useful to you and is not available anymore in Agent Workspace.

    While we take this feedback and evaluate it, I would like to recommend you to use views, which is an existing available in the Agent Workspace. There is a good article shared in our community that may help with the use case that you have. You can check it here.


  • Wilson Yeung

    We are facing the same situation Philip Gray and Jamie Noell.
    We used to have the monitoring dashboard in Zendesk Chat, we can see all the visitor activities in the dashboard, including who are the visitors, which page they are viewing, what they are doing.
    After the help of development team, we can see the visitors now, and see all live chat conversation, but we still cannot see those visitor activities before they initiate the chat, we can only see that after they started the live chat. Ayush Upadhyay , can you please help on it? Fix the good function that we used to have.

  • Michael Mulligan

    Hello Ayush Upadhyay. Additionally, there are use case where an agent may experience a 'lost' chat where the requester unintentionally disconnects (navigating to another of our sites). Agents could previously watch the visitor list and then initiate a chat with that user when he appeared on the correct website to ensure his/her experience continued with the same agent in a very seamless way. We too would find access to the Visitor List within Agent Workspace useful.

  • Zahra Irfan


    I've changed to the new agent interface and its great, so much easier to use. However, I have lost the ability to see the visitors that are currently on our website via the live chat.

    This was a very helpful option to have as we could manage what the busiest times were for different area of the world. Is there a way I can get back this option without going back to the old interface?

    Thank you




  • Philip Gray

    More than a year now since the original post on this and over 6 months since my first comment.  We didn't adopt agent workspace because of this issue but there still doesn't seem to be any sign of anything changing.

    What's more, I'm now seeing messages in the Zendesk support UI encouraging adoption of Agent Workspace.  Makes me wonder how long it will be before AW becomes a mandatory upgrade.

    Are you aware of a timeline for that Ayush Upadhyay?  Is there anything in the product roadmap on this?



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