Redaction and attachment deletion for side conversations


  • Toby Sterrett
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi @... you're correct that there is no current way to edit messages within side conversations, though we have how it could work. One question I'd have for you here is who you'd want to be able to edit side conversation messages... would that be limited to admins only? Would it make sense to have as a permission in custom roles?

  • Elizabeth Reynolds

    At least for the workflow at my organization, it would make sense to role-limit this capability/have it only available to admins.

    However, if it was only possible to implement an "all or none" version of this functionality, then we'd rather have it available to all than none.

  • Harver Admin


    Please make it very very granular compared with other deletion possibilities within Zendesk products.
    Redaction/deletion, it probably needs both. Right now the major issue is that redaction is limited, and deletion messes with statistics.

    Here's how we think this could set an example for future redaction/deletion inside Zendesk products.

    Redaction (so statistics stay in place) per comment

    1. Strip all events and replace entire message (including attachments) with: -- Redacted --
    2. Reference to author_id of comment is still there, and will only become -- Deleted user -- if the user is deleted
    3. Replace part of the message by redaction (with the black squares)
    4. Redact attachment on comment

    Deletion (so no record exists)

    5. Delete entire side conversation
    6. Delete a single comment (as if it never existed)

    Granularity level (available on all roles in support)

    1. All agents with permission to redact (NEW)
    2. All agents with permission to delete user
    3. All agents with permission to start a side conversation
    4. All agents with permission to start a side conversation
    5. All agents with permission to delete a ticket
    6. All agents with permission to delete a ticket

    API (wishes)
    Would be wonderful if the API allows 3rd parties to create retention schedules. So examples like this could work

    • Redact all comments older than 2 years
    • Redact all side conversation comments older than 2 years
    • Redact all attachments that contain a certain regex
    • Redact parts of comments that contain a certain regex
    • Delete all comments older than 30 days
    • Delete Side conversation


  • Stephen Fleming

    Hi All,

    I am just wondering if there are any plans for this to be updated soon. My organisation uses Side Conversations very regularly and at present the only way to redact data from a Side Conversation is to delete the ticket entirely - this obviously affects our reporting.

    At present, even having the ability to delete the Side Conversation would meet our needs for now.

  • Jamie Noell

    I agree with at least being able to delete a Side Conv.  We are having to delete the entire ticket if someone accidently adds PII in a Side Conv.  More details:

    Ideally, we would like to be able to redact the individual Side Conv reply with the PII.  It would be nice if this was group or role-based.

  • Stephen Fleming


    This is starting to become a major issue for us.If redacting from a Side Conversation is not possible, deleting a Side Conversation (Email) at least, should be an option.

    Is this feature roadmapped for future inclusion in the product?

  • We really need this capability. Is it on the roadmap?

  • Johannes Ganter

    Agree, we need to be able to delete and redact side conversations. Otherwise the feature is too much of a data security problem.

  • Larry Click

    Also agree. Phishing attacks coming through Side Convo with no way to delete it. 


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