Feature Request: Public Zendesk Product Roadmap


  • Nick Wurm


  • Rudolph Beaton


  • Jamey Pringle

    We at SoFi also would like to see this. We are dependent on our CS POC to let us know when something is coming that isn't within the Release Notes.

  • Joel F


  • Molly VS
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Everyone!

    The best place to see our upcoming changes is on our current and upcoming Betas page. This will house everything we can reasonably discuss publicly. I also recommend following our What's New section to see all releases and updates. 

  • Whitney Votaw


    Agree! There are many feature requests I've seen that Zendesk comments on saying it's "planned" or "on our roadmap", but some of those have said that for years and still are not implemented (and we don't really have any way to know if they ever really will be). A feature like this would be really beneficial for our team (and I'm sure others!).

    We also work in software, so certainly are sensitive to and understand Zendesk not wanting to over-commit or set specific dates. But too much generality tends to create equal amounts of end-user frustration as over-commitment and under-delivering.

    Good software management should allow for honest responses to feature requests (literally... tell us 'no', we'd rather know and adjust) and reasonable estimated release dates for anything truly 'Planned'. Passive half-commitments and lack of time-frames on these feels disrespectful to us as customers. A predicted quarter (or really even a year.... we're desperate here!) is something to look forward to and allows us to plan and figure out alternate solutions while we wait. 

  • Doug Brianas

    My End Users are asking that when a ticket is being placed in Zendesk from anyone in their group, they want to automatically be "cc" to the ticket. at this present time, I can only automatically have Staff Members be cc onto a ticket. Can we do it for End Users?

  • mfg

    Love the productboard roadmap for Guide

  • Tammy Paul

    The only roadmap link I've found says I don't have access.


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