Remove Follower and/or CC for ticket update per trigger/automation action


  • Peter Hochstrasser

    Hi @...

    Maybe the Notify Target action in triggers and automations may help.

    You'd need to be able to define the condition which would require the removal of all CCs, then define the JSON body to clear the CC and follower fields, including the collaborators, which would look something like this:

       "ticket": {
           "follower_ids": [],
            "email_cc_ids": [],
            "collaborator_ids": [] 
    The setup required for this is described here:
    Note that Zendesk is just another "external" target in this context. My setup for a target to update Zendesk tickets is:
    The URL is ending with https://<yourdomain>{{}}
    Yours truly

    P.S. Thanks, @Oliver Tietze for the collaborators tip.

  • MTD Products AG

    Thank you very much @..., we will check that at our end! 



  • Peter Hochstrasser

    If you want to retain certain but remove others (always static per trigger, though) have a look at:

  • Oliver Tietze

    @... thanks for that useful workaround. We suffer from plenty of problems caused by the Zendesk integrated instransparent automations, especially with merging tickets.

    Rolling out your solutions we realized that the tickets remained with a "CC" shown in the ticket.

    Adding "collaborator_ids": [] fixed this. You might want to mention this in your original solution.

    As far as I learned, if a collaborator is present, this is turned into a follower or email cc by Zendesk. But deleting the followers and e-mail CCs will leave the collaborators intact and strange things happen (the ticket shows NO 'email_cc_ids' in the object (retrieved by the API) BUT the frontend shows the CC user still in the form (and no change visible in the events log).

    Resetting collaborators obviously removes it from everywhere.


  • Peter Hochstrasser

    Thanks, @..., I integrated your extension.


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