Printing Side Conversations


  • Sydney Neubauer


    Another upvote on being able to print Side Conversations - in our case, we just need to print to a PDF. This is a compliance issue that we are experiencing and the workarounds are not sufficient (print screen, etc) as it does not keep in line with professionalism

  • Dane Yates

    Adding to this thread, this is something that was an original requirement during implementation and continues to be a pain point in our process. 

    Has there been any progress towards this feature?

  • Libby Tooke-Mitchell

    Is there an update on this? Seems like people have been asking for it for almost 3 years now!
    We also need the ability to print a side conversation separately from the ticket and having the option to include it or not when printing the ticket would also be great. Printing to a printer or PDF. 

  • Ulises Soto

    Toby Sterrett any update on this? 

  • Sydney Neubauer

    I made a bigger feedback post for all limitations and included this post in it: Side Conversation Limitations – Zendesk help

  • Admin Zendesk

    It's incredible that is not possible to print side conversation from a software like Zendesk that cost so much.

    I think that this feature can balance our company idea to remain in zendesk or leave that.

  • Jamie Noell

    I'm adding what I had posted on another topic which was closed:

    We have an audit requirement to print PDFs of some conversations especially with out partners.

    Because we cannot print a Side Conv email, our only choice is to +add ticket to create a separate ticket, but then we lose the benefit of connecting this conversation with the parent ticket.

    While we could use problem / incident (or an add-on app) to connect them, we just want to use side conversations - it's simple.  However, the lack of printing is an obstacle. 


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