Option to Disable / Exempt Domains feature for Organization Profiles


  • Thomas D'Hoe

    This should be great! Upvoted!

  • Tim Bertens

    Yes, this is the most important feature missing in Zendesk for us.  To elaborate: we have the use case where thousands of companies need to be supported, but in a pretty volatile market (building industry).  Very often temporary companies are created, companies stop and their activities are taken over by other companies, etc.  At this moment the ERP facilitates this by making companies inactive, but since they are provisioned to Zendesk we are often confronted with emails being linked to the wrong (being inactive) company. 

  • Sara Ledger


  • Bradley Emery

    Our Company has had multiple issues with this "Domains" field being accidentally updated with a common domain such as "gmail.com" or "yahoo.com". This has caused hundreds (and in more recent cases thousands) of users being erroneously detached from their correct organization and associated with the updated organization.

    There is no confirmation or explanation of what is going to occur when you add the "Domains" field in an organization and creating a new organization directly from a user or ticket view will automatically fill the "Domains" field with their email domain. If it is not caught and the user is created, this creates a massive data issue for our company, generating hundred of needless work hours to correct.

    Having the ability to disable the "Domains" field for Organizations would be extremely helpful and a huge time saver for our company.

  • Stephen McGirr

    This needs far more attention. My company Zendesk instance has over 40000 organizations and hundreds of thousands of users. Every few months a "domain" gets added to a random organization and results in a massive disruption to reporting.


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