"Requester can see this comment" default setting


  • Brad Bilotta

    Not sure why we have to ask for a simple setting to be added over the course of 3+ years...I can't imagine the programming for this would take all that long.  Please consider as this would make the solution more customizable and flexible for anyone's use case.

  • Andrew Moskowitz

    Doesn't look like there's been much/any movement on this in 4 years, but Reddit would love to have this ability as well.

  • Traci Lamm

    Really need this option too!

  • Anna

    We'd love this at FutureLearn as well. We merge many tickets each day, and particularly with a COVID-related backlog we're not always able to get back to the user that same day. If we forget to uncheck the boxes we often end up with annoyed users, because they're getting emails about the ticket being merged before they get a response. Setting the default to unchecked feels like such a small thing but it causes a lot of frustration!

  • Daniel Savage

    Plus 1 

  • Wouter Herrygers

    Hi there,

    We'd really like to have this at Lyreco as well. Merging tickets is part of the daily business of co-workers of multiple departments and although I don't have data for all groups I can safely say that we use this feature around 50 times per day within just the marketing department. Now that we are aware of the amount of extra communication merging tickets creates towards our clients, we ask our colleagues to manually untick these boxes every time they merge two tickets. It would just be such a quality of life improvement for the people working with the platform if there was an option to have the boxes unticked by default, given that we wouldn't ever want to send our clients more mails than necesary.

    I don't know how big of a technical challenge this would be and I definitely understand there are more critical developments that deserve priority, but even after 4 years people like myself end up finding this ticket. More so, given how frequently people seem to return to this thread just to chip in, I'm convinced a lot of the users would love to have this option.

  • Jason Katz

    Adding an additional +1 on this request. This lack of functionality creates a significant number of issues for our Members

  • Maik Künnemann

    We also need this setting!!

  • Josh Kelly

    Echoing all previous posts, Prodigy would love this setting - I can't think of a reason this would be on by default, why would a customer care if their issue has been merged together?

    As it stands, the setting being on by default just confuses end users when it is not unchecked, and just adds 2 extra clicks for every ticket which consistently doubles the time it takes to slim out duplicate tickets. We run into this between 50-100 times every day.

    I would love to see any efficacy report that shows having this setting enabled is the preferred state for most businesses.

  • Mindy B

    This would be a huge benefit to us as well we merge probably 50 tickets a day and this is a pain.

    The suggested workaround on another thread to default agent comments to internal is not a valid workaround and would likely create more issues than resolve any.  

  • Michael Eugster

    Same here: We need this setting, too.

  • Hannah Ehrlich

    Just adding my note and upvote that defaulting merge to private would be more than ideal.

  • Roman Gladkiy

    Greetings! The setting would be benefitial for us, too.

  • Trevor Piercey

    This would be great. (to have this as a setting as I'm sure there are use cases that would require it) but for us, it doesn't make any sense to tell the customer their request is being merged into another. So would be really helpful to see this unchecked by default. Thanks!

  • Russ Milton

    Hi, This would be ideal to have as a default, we have to recommend to all users to untick every time they merge a ticket so it would far easier if this was off by default (or if we could set this by default as admin via the role.)

  • Chris Iacofano

    Our team would find this extremely helpful, as we likely merge 50+ tickets on an average day without sending comments to the requestor. My former colleague was the first comment in this thread 5 years ago, and the need for this feature has only increased in our case. 


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