Ability to print ticket without internal note/comment


  • Stephanie Bryne

    +1 This feature would be great for us because we often times save the ticket as a PDF and have to upload it to another system. That particular system is accessable to all employees and the comments do not need to be seen by all. 

  • Leah McEntee

    I agree this feature would be really good it would even be better if you could export it to an editable format.

  • MiiiA Support

    +1 to the idea and all comments.

    It would be nice to be able to print to PDF if needing to send to a client, and obviously not show the internal private comments.

  • Dave Dancsecs

    Another +1. I'm actually very surprised to see that this is not already an option and seems like a huge oversight.

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2021

    +1 and +100 to display the ticket without internal comments when sharing my screen with an end user!

  • Robert Snow

    +1 It's currently impossible to save/print off a ticket for another member of the business without all the internal notes attached so therefore means it cannot be passed to the customer.

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2021

    needed this again.... any possibility?

  • Cam



    The ability to hide internal notes would be useful for us

  • Jo Herbert

    We really need the option of include internal comments when printing tickets!

  • Zak Minnaar

    +1 I need this feature too. Only realized after printing to PDF and sending to a client that internal notes was present! (Luckily nothing the client should not be able to see)

  • Laura Berkobin

    +1 again ... this feature is definitely needed. 

  • Luca Bonetto

    +1 this feature is absolutely needed. 

  • Mayra Pacheco

    Are using the browser's native print option or the print option that appears in a ticket?

    If you use the browser print option, you can filter your comment stream by public only and then print the ticket without any internal comments.

    Can you let me know if there's anything missing for you in this scenario? I'd love to consolidate the two versions so that you can have this functionality with our print option as well, but don't want to remove any useful information you get from the current print implementation.

  • Laura Berkobin

    Hello Mayra - 

    Thanks the quick work-around ... it's still not ideal because printing from the browser has formatting issues. But still -  thanks for the hack!

  • Cam

    We typically use the Print ticket feature. Having the new comment stream filters interact with this would be great!

  • Markus Badberg

    I have an easy workaround. A lil bit of work is to do, but it is very simple.

    First open the printview.

    Then close the printer dialog and open in your broswer the developer tools.
    I use chrome and for me it is "inspect element"

    Now you can easily remove the unwanted internal notices and print :-)

    My co-worker importet it into an Editor and removed it all by hand. This takes to much of time and my workaround is much faster ;-)



  • Sebastiaan Wijchers

    I'm using Markus' workaround, but native support for this would be great! I can't expect my agent's to edit the DOM before printing ;)

  • Helen Ross

    This request has been around since 2014 and still not actioned? I'm really surprised. 

    Especially in a B2B space it's often useful to provide a public-facing view of tickets back to managers as part of broader planning. 

  • Sean Morrissey

    Agreed...We need to see Zendesk step up and add this feature.

  • Judit Moreno

    +1 We really need this feature

  • Negócios Web


    Olá, Amigos!

    Consegui uma ótima opção seguindo a ideia do @Markus Badberg: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/click-to-remove-element/jcgpghgjhhahcefnfpbncdmhhddedhnk

    Extensão do Google Chrome: "Click to Remove Extension". Basta clicar e remover a divisão que contém a observação interna do Protocolo após clicarem em "Imprimir Ticket". Segue abaixo:

    Dessa forma fica fácil do operador mesmo remover não dependo da Equipe Técnica para fazer este trabalho.

    Abraços Brasileiros. :-)

  • Gerald Crawford

    +1 for this request. 

    Seems like a very simple thing to incorporate. And one obviously needed. Pointless to have Internal/External comments if you are unable to filter that when printing as well.

    Thank you

  • Kevin Alumbaugh

    Is there any follow-up on adding this feature?

    I work for a government agency and most of our tickets are subject to FOIA requests. Currently we need to redact all of the internal comments that are on the printed ticket and this is a huge time sink for us. 

  • Vincent

    Also would like this feature. 

  • Johannes

    I managed to create a workaround for this by using Macro, Triggers and email:

    1. Create a new macro to add tag (e.g. Email-Me-Public / Email-Me-Private)


    2. Create a new trigger that will check the above macro and send an email to the current user (with or without private comments)


    - use {{ticket.public_comments_formatted}} to show public comments only

    - use {{ticket.comments_formatted}} to show private comments


    3. Once you receive the email, print it.

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks for taking the time to share this with everyone Johannes!

  • King Leong

    Hi , how would the above tag/macro/trigger work on a Closed ticket ??? you cannot edit or add anything to a closed ticket.

    Still cannot believe Zendesk does not have a simple functionality to print External Comments only in year 2019. 

    Initial request raised in 2014.........wow...

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi King -

    You're correct, that workaround would not operate on a closed ticket.

    As for the longevity of the thread, we get a lot of requests that sit for a while but don't impact a significant number of customers, so dates are not one of the primary points that we use to prioritize feature requests. We look more at whether or not there is a workaround available, how many users it impacts and how significant the impact is, and whether we have other features or functions on the roadmap that would solve for the problem in the future.

    All that being said, we will alert the product team that there has been recent activity on this conversation.

  • Hendrick Hassert

    My workaround: assume the requester's identity and use the client portal -> My Activities to browse for and view the ticket. Then use the browser's print function. Formatting is good and only the public comments are visible.

  • Ginger Ruiz

    Wow!  This thread goes back 4 years and still no native way to handle this.  SUPER surprised, Zendesk!


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