Stopping the reopening tickets by a ' Thank you ' response.


  • Tamir Bashkin

    Hi everybody,

    My name is Tamir from, we're a Zendesk Select implementation partner. We've just released an add-on for Zendesk that solves this issue. Essentially what we do is look for an exact match to a pre-defined set of 'Thank you' phrases in every language, and if we find an exact match- we solve the ticket again so the agents don't have to solve it themselves. If we don't find an exact match, we run this through an AI platform that analyzes the intent of the user, and place a private comment on those tickets to suggest to the agents it's a 'Thank you' only response and they can immediately close the ticket.

    You can find out more about us and the add-on here: . Let me know if you have any questions and I'll be happy to answer!

  • Tamir Bashkin

    Hi everybody! Adelante just released a plugin that solves this is to the marketplace and it's completely free!:

    Our innovative Zendesk plugin works in the background and:

    • Reads the message to identify key phrases that indicate a “thank you” response (we’ve tested 800+ variants)
    • Confirms there’s no additional request included
    • Switches the ticket back to “solved” and resolves it
    • Sends a custom “thank you” message to the satisfied customer

    Feel free to install and let us know if you have any feedback!


  • Scott

    The answer seems pretty simple to me, that is if Zendesk would do this question due diligence.  Just have an option to now allow tickets to be re-opened by anyone but an agent.  Once closed, closed for good and only can be re-opened by an agent.  Also have a response sent to the customer, editable at best, but at least "you've attempted to re-open a closed ticket...." etc etc.

    Done, fixed, time to move on.  Now, will Zendesk respond by adding this feature?

  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Scott,

    If you want that functionality, I think you can just achieve it using a single Trigger; no additional functionality needs to be added.

    Under "Meet all of the following conditions", specify:

    • Ticket is Updated
    • Status changed from Solved
    • Status changed to Open
    • Current user is (end-user)

    Then under actions, set Status to Solved, and email the requester with the text you suggest above and instructions on how to open a new ticket.

    Then, if an end-user responds to a Solved ticket (which Zendesk would set to Open status), the Status will be set back to Solved and the requester will be notified. But an agent would be able to reopen the ticket. 

  • Mireille Cameron
    Zendesk Customer Care

    A Zendesk colleague pointed me to this free app for my customers.  Perhaps it would work for others. 


  • Brian Hemesath


     - AI to solve for the "should not be re-opened" situation

     - Create a new status option to turn on: The "Probably still solved" status

  • Ellen Hackeman

    I would love to see a solution to this.  I end up reclosing a lot of tickets too.

  • Hope Saldana

    We found a solution that works well for us. Here is the process:

    1) Agent solves a ticket.

    2) Customer must use "#reopen" in their reply and explain why they still need help to reopen the ticket. This is communicated to the customer in the solved email. 

    3) If "#reopen" is not included in the text, a trigger will fire to automatically push the ticket back to Solved and email the customer as to why their ticket was not reopened.

    4) The trigger also adds a tag to the ticket called "false_reopen" so you can filter these false reopens out of your reporting. 

    Trigger setup: 

    We are still in the beginning phases of testing this out, but it seems to do the trick! Hopefully this helps out some folks! :)


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