Ticket export tool for End-users (Export tickets by organization)


  • Stephen


    I am throwing my support in here for the ability to export tickets from the Support Portal.

    Martin has highlighted some of the key items that would be excellent for a customer to see. Ticket Form would be a major option, as our Ticket Forms can be radically different in the fields available, so having that context in an export would be useful.

    Ideally, I would like a customer to be able to export a list of tickets based on the filterscolumns they have setup, either in CSV or Excel format. I don't believe the customer should be limited in what fields they can / cannot export.

    I will note on dates, Ithink it would useful for the exported dates to be timestamps.

  • Susan Schneider

    This is a big issue within my organization. Our previous ticketing system allowed customers to export a list of their tickets so they can do their own reporting and send to other individuals to review and respond.

    Moving to Zendesk this is one of the biggest complaints. Our customers who are in implementation cannot export the tickets to other team members who work those issues. We do not allow all users within an organization access to Zendesk so this is a growing issue.

    We need our customers to be able to export their tickets for their organization and or their own tickets. 

  • John DiGregorio

    Has anyone found a marketplace app or written code to export tickets?   I really don't think creating a dashboard and scheduling it for every customer is the right approach.  There is currently a design flaw with dashboards that if you change an underlying report you need to refresh every dashboard that uses it.   Also, you can only scheduled dashboards on the enterprise plan which is a 50% uplift on maintenance, and creates it's own admistrative nightmare of adding users and removing users.  Although I think the ladder has been corrected with org tags.   I have used SalesForce and other products and this is core functionality on their community.   What would be nice is if you could chart the data as well.   

  • Jennifer Gillespie

    This request has been around for quite a while and is obviously a pain point for many of us who use Zendesk.  Can we get an update on when (not if) this will become available so that we can stop wasting our time internally crafting and sending out reports for data that End users can see on the Guide request side but cannot export themselves?

  • Sandra Campbell

    we really need this as well

  • Richard Nikula

    We need this too, We wrote a program using API, but ideally want customers to be self service 

  • Emanuel Cohen

    We have gotten several requests for this feature. Our previous ticketing system allowed customers to export a list of their tickets so they can do their own reporting and send to other individuals to review, respond and followup. Must have feature.

  • Jeremy Pinar

    +1 this also. We've had a few customers now wanting something like this.

    Something configurable from the admin portal or directly within the org record.



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