Preserve Group and Assignee for user-generated follow-up tickets



  • Andrew J
    Community Moderator

    Terry, Zendesk does work on the attributes when closed, not when first opened. There must be more going on, you mentioned sharing, is this within your helpdesk or another Zendesk account?

  • Adrian Bishop

    This is something we need but 90 comments over 9 years and no action?

    The workarounds are not great, we have 40+ groups, we would need triggers for each one?

    This is a feature you would just expect to be native, not something which requires a workaround.

  • Andrew J
    Community Moderator

    So what would this option look like?
    My thought is...

    Follow up ticket options:
    [] Preserve agent on follow up ticket
    [] Preserve group on follow up ticket

    If agent no longer exists
    O Return to group, no assignee OR
    O Return to no group, no assignee
    If group no longer exists returns to no group

    Comments, suggestions, options?

  • Adrian Bishop


    Yes, makes sense to me.

    Currently everything goes to our default group without an assignee and then has to be triaged, if our default group is busy which it often is, this prolongs the time before it is reassigned.

  • Chad Dodds

    @..., I think your radio buttons can be eliminated with a couple of notes and a behavior clarification for checkbox #2 to preserve the assigned agent: checking it would require and also auto-check the box to preserve the group.

    Follow-up ticket options:

    [] Preserve assigned group when a follow-up ticket is created. If the group no longer exists, assigns to NO group.

    [] Preserve assigned agent when a follow-up ticket is created. If the agent account no longer exists or is no longer a member of the assigned group, assigns to NO group with NO agent.

  • Andrew J
    Community Moderator

    I am wondering if some people would like to preserve the agent even if they are in a different group.
    I like the reduction of options, but not totally sure it is simple to understand the expected behavior particularly around if the agent is no longer a member of the group.

  • Mark Leci

    We currently have triggers that attempt to manage this by taking some of the values on the followup ticket and assigning it back to the same group. The problem is that we need a trigger to do this for every group, and if something else interferes with any of those values the trigger fails and we end up with a ticket assigned to the wrong group or no group at all. Since we have 28+ groups in our Zendesk this feature is a priority for us! 

  • Kristian Tungland

    Hi, @...!

    We also use triggers for this. In our case we have 2 triggers per group. The first trigger adds a tag when the ticket status is changed to "closed". Let's say the group is named Group A. The trigger, when ticket is closed, adds the tag: followup_group_a.

    The second trigger then looks for creation of followup-tickets + the different tags for different groups. The followup-ticket inherits the tags from the main one, and thus I can assign the ticket to the group that solved the main ticket.

  • CJ Johnson

    This is marked "Answered" but there's no answer pinned, and it's a feature request. Does this mean this will not be considered? 


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