add that feature to make CSAT follow-up question mandatory.


  • Frank de Groot

    I would like to second this. I was writing a post but saw that it was already there. I'll just add what I wrote below:

    Feature Request Summary: 

    It would be great if Zendesk had an option to enable picking a satisfaction reason mandatory. Making a comment also mandatory would give us even more information, but that will probably affect the amount of CSATs replied to a lot. Still, it would be nice if a client has the option.

    Description/Use Cases: 

    We're trying to get more information on why users select a Bad CSAT, but currently, the majority does not pick a reason, nor do they add comments. As we're handling a lot of tickets, it's not possible to check all tickets manually to see why the bad csat was given. Having the options mandatory will greatly help us diagnose better why the user selected the Bad option.

    Business impact of limitation or missing feature:

    We're unable to interpret the bad CSATs as the vast majority of cases are missing a "why". That 'why' would help us train our agents better and improve our service.


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