Knowledge Manager Roundtable: What is your process for maintaining knowledge base content?


  • Heather Cook

    How do you keep information up to date when it comes from many sources? Do you have a workflow to tag articles or get notified when articles haven't been viewed or updated in a period of time? Also how do you deal with translations?

  • Merav Bitton

    Hi @Heather

    I have been using the Google translate widget to enable users to translate content.

    I know it has its downsides, such as not translating in context, but for our level of demand for content in languages, this works.

  • Maggie Ungerboeck
    Community Moderator

    Hi Heather,

    For information coming from different sources, we use Zendesk to either go in and flag articles with the Knowledge Capture App or to create at ticket that an article needs to be reviewed or updated.

    Translations have been difficult for us. We have so much content that get changed often enough that it was next to impossible to keep up with the translations. We have been using the Google Translate widget that Merav mentions above. It has its challenges but is the best solution for us for the time being.



  • Mary Paez

    Hi Ben & Sarah,


    Can you share more on something you mentioned in your write up: "SEO that we’ve incorporated into articles". Would like to know more about what was needed and how you did this?

  • Ben Garris

    Hi Mary,

    Unfortunately with Zendesk, there's very little metadata editing that we're able to do, but we do rely on the use of labels for articles that we've seen a demand for and around topics that we've identified are difficult for people to find. In general, we rely heavily on industry best practices for SEO and also have a couple of partners that help us improve our content in this area based on their expertise and review.


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