Merging two Zendesk accounts - a step-by-step process


  • Anton vh

    What would be the best way to deal with the fact that the ticket ids will be different from the original data? The issue is once you import all your tickets a new ticket id will be auto-assigned so any previous communication links, integrations, or references will be broken. If the 'id' value can be provided one could maybe force the old id where it has not already been used by the destination instance and at least limit the number of changes, or should one add the old id to the new external_id field (or a new "old_id" custom field or tag) to at least make it searchable?

  • Migration Support

    Hey Anton,

    The easiest way is to create a new custom field on your new platform and map it with the ID field from your source platform.

  • Anton vh

    Thanks, what about SLA metrics can they be brought across, and how many tickets can be migrated at a time?

  • Dima Lazarchuk

    Only tickets


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