Support Tip: How to change the ticket Subject using a trigger


  • Kevin Froleiks

    Pedro Rodrigues ( thank you for the reply. I checked and the webhook is active.

    Request method

    Request format
    I am an admin but it does say "basic authentication" not sure if that's a problem.
  • Jans

    Hi folks, 

    Thanks for this info! Question for you - I'm using this to set the subject of our tickets upon creation with the data from a specific field. The trigger seems to successfully update the ticket subject on the agent side, but when I look in the help center, and the email notifications, I still see the old subject. Do you know how I can get the subject to change in the help center and email notifications? 

  • Juan

    We have a custom form on our website that submits data into a ticket via email but it adds a string of text to the subject (and thus ticket subject) that we do not want in there.

    Is there a way to adapt this to remove a specific string of text from the ticket subject and leave the rest of the subject as is?

  • Anne Ronalter
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Juan,

    Natively this unfortunately not possible.

    But I have found the following Community Post with a workaround for it:
    Support Tip: How to change the ticket Subject using a trigger
  • Ulises Soto

    Hello, how can I add the Ticket ID to a custom ticket field?

  • Anna Billings

    +1 for just being able to do this as a trigger.

    Additionally, it looks like the layout for webhooks has changed since this article was created and it could use a refresh to match what's current in the UI.

  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Community Moderator

    Hi Anna Billings, you're right - article updated accordingly! Thank you for the heads up 👍

  • Hannah Lucid

    Hi Friends!

    I have a webhook that changes the subject of the ticket to be the custom field value chosen for the ticket topic. The problem with this is it displays more like a ticket tag than a readable subject. We use nested values (example::of::topics) that show as (example__of__topics). 

    How can we get it to not display the __? Instead show example of topics if using the case study above?

  • Teresa

    Hannah Lucid, I have a similar issue. Though the team doesn't complain about the underscores, it bothers me, lol. The system pulls in the tags of the fields. So to bypass this, you'd have to change the tags - which is limited itself as you can't use spaces. Also, if you change the tags after the field has been in use, it can mess with historical data and reporting. 

  • Hannah Lucid

    Teresa not to be dramatic but UGH. I was hoping for spaces instead of underscores. I also noticed that the fields populate in JUST LIKE THIS but Zendesk states it's a integration challenge on their end. I'm suspecting that data pulled from text box fields populate as tags in general. :( Unless someone has a REALLY creative idea to assist with this subject line issue specifically :D 


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