Push notifications from Zendesk to Slack


  • Eric Sieker

    Great article! One question though - I've setup a slack webhook, and created a trigger so that whenever a specific user is assigned a ticket they receive a slack notification. This works great, however, I am also seeing that notification on their individual channel, and being notified when it comes through on slack. No one else in my organization is seeing this so I can only assume that the webhook/trigger is setup in a way that alerts the creator of the trigger (me) as well as the intended recipient. 

    I don't see anything in the setup of the webhook or trigger that accounts for this behavior. Is it possible to alert only the intended recipient? 

  • Shane Caplice

    Hey Jacob Christensen 
    I am looking to piggy back off the setup that Victor Hrsit was asking about in the comments.

    I am struggling with the slack_user_id custom field setup

    I want to be able to @tag the ticket assingee through the webhook in the slack channel.

    I can get the @here & @channel webhook to fire correctly, but struggling with the agent setup. 

    Can you explain the exact setup for Zendesk>Custom fields? Do I require a custom field per agent with their slack ID? I'm currently testing this is the Sandbox setup, which is not integrated with Slack - but I imagine this does not matter.

    Thanks in advance 

  • Jacob Christensen
    Community Moderator

    Hey Shane.
    In one of the earlier comments I gave an example of how this could work using a user text field and a placeholder.

    And I think Viktor confirmed a solution just below. Let me know if you need more details.

  • Jacob Christensen
    Community Moderator

    Hey Eric Sieker.

    Did you work out your unexpected notification conundrum?
    I'm not sure I follow who is getting the unexpected notifications and where.

  • Max

    Really helpful article, however I'm asking myself how I can specify in the JSON which channel I wanna send my notification to ? I would have to send the notification to the slack tech_channel or sales_channel. Thank you for your help

  • Jacob Christensen
    Community Moderator

    Hey Max,

    Glad you found it helpful!
    A slack webhook is specific to a single channel, so you may need to create multiple to notify different channels.
    I found this article that has more details on slack webhooks, hope you find it helpful.

  • Max

    Hi there, very useful post.. although I am trying to set up an automation and I am struggling :

    - one agent starts a side conversation with a special slack channel (tech)

    - ticket status changes to on-hold

    - automation firing a notification in the same slack channel if no answer from Slack channel after 24h

    Is that possible ? 

    Thank you :)

  • Jacob Christensen
    Community Moderator

    Hey Max - thanks, I'm glad you find it useful!

    That's an interesting use case!

    I must admit that I've never used Slack with Side Conversations, so there may be possibilities I'm unaware of. If you have a way to identify which Slack Channel you've reached out to, you may be able to create a per Slack channel automation that will send a message based on "Hours since On-hold > 23 hrs (calendar)".
    This could get a lot more complex if you have multiple side conversations on the same ticket.
    I hope that's helpful, let me know if you have some specific challenges.


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