IOS Support Chat pdf file not viewing and not saving?


  • Greg Katechis
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    Hi Mohan c! Could you please provide some more information here? Are you able to reproduce this issue? Is this only happening for one customer or for all of your customers? Does this issue occur when you use our sample apps?

  • Mohan c

    Hi Greg Katechis Thank you for response . I have used for Zendesk Support Chat SDK "UnifiedSDK IOS swift " which is you shared sample code . Mainly we are using customers to agent chat conversion . While conversion agent sent any Doc or Pdf file customer received but at time customer can't view received File. I have tested  sample code getting same issue. We can't able find the what is the reason ,

    Please review below code and let me know solution . Or  integration code or SDK is wrong  please let me know What we need to do here.

    If it is possible  connect live support to fix the problem. please share the contact details .

    I have tested iPhone 6 Plus and iphone12 . for your reference screen and  code :


    func LiveChatBtnAction() {

            do {

                try startChatNew()

            } catch {

                print("Unexpected non-vending-machine-related error: \(error)")



            func startChatNew() throws {

            try self.presentModally()


            func buildUI() throws -> UIViewController {

            // Support Chat initial

          //  self.resetData()


            let UserName = "\(UserDefaults.standard.userName ?? "")".capitalized

            let UserEmail = "\(UserDefaults.standard.userEmail ?? "")"

            let chatAPIConfiguration = ChatAPIConfiguration()

    //        chatAPIConfiguration.department = "IOS APP"//


        /*       chatAPIConfiguration.visitorInfo = VisitorInfo(name: UserName, email: UserEmail, phoneNumber: "") */

            Chat.instance?.configuration = chatAPIConfiguration

                    let chatConfiguration = ChatConfiguration()

            chatConfiguration.isAgentAvailabilityEnabled = true

            let formConfiguration = ChatFormConfiguration(name: .hidden, email: .hidden, phoneNumber: .hidden, department: .hidden)

            chatConfiguration.isPreChatFormEnabled = false

            chatConfiguration.preChatFormConfiguration = formConfiguration

            let messagingConfiguration = MessagingConfiguration()

            //let answerBotEngine = try AnswerBotEngine.engine()

           // let supportEngine = try SupportEngine.engine()

            let chatEngine = try ChatEngine.engine()

                   //return try Messaging.instance.buildUI(engines:[answerBotEngine, supportEngine, chatEngine], configs: [messagingConfiguration])

           return try Messaging.instance.buildUI(engines:[chatEngine], configs: [messagingConfiguration, chatConfiguration])


        private func presentModally() throws {

            let viewController = try buildUI()

            let button = UIBarButtonItem(title: "Close", style: .plain, target: self, action: #selector(dismissChatView))

            viewController.navigationItem.leftBarButtonItem = button

            let chatController = UINavigationController(rootViewController: viewController)

            chatController.modalPresentationStyle = .overFullScreen

            present(chatController, animated: true)


            @objc private func dismissChatView() {

            self.navigationController?.dismiss(animated: true, completion: nil)




  • Amrutha

    Greg Katechis - Can this be please looked into - We are dependent on a launch based on the solution 

  • Amrutha

    zendesk zendesk - We need someone to look at this issue Asap 


    Issue - We have integrated Zendesk Support Chat SDK on our application and its working as expected however, when an agent is trying to send a PDF file to customer. The Customer is not able to view or open the PDF. The code and other details are update above the chat. 

  • Amrutha

    Issue discussed with Florian Thuillier - She has raised a ticket to tech support team - Reference - 9773162

  • Amrutha

    Customer Support - Can someone please look into this issue on priority please - We have made multiple follow ups

  • Amrutha

    Greg Katechis - Can this be please looked into - We are dependent on a launch based on the solution 


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