Liquid Markup not showing correctly


  • Sam

    Hi Joshua Morris! We had this issue a while ago too, and it happens to be because of placeholder suppression rules. Specifically:

    If you have triggers that include an action to email users (the Email user action)and that include placeholders, certain placeholders in the trigger will be suppressed if certain conditions are met. This includes triggers that send email notifications sent to CCs (the Email user + (requester and CCs) action) and the notifications sent to followers by default.

    Placeholder suppression only occurs when the trigger fires upon ticket creation.

    We recommend that you do not use lead-in text that describes or announces the presence of ticket comments in the email. The lead-in text will not make sense if the placeholder that follows is suppressed. For example, don't include text such as, "a copy of your message is below."

    The conditions that make it true:

    • Recipient of email is an end-user
    • Creator of message is an end-user
    • Trigger condition is Ticket = Created
    • Anyone can submit tickets = Enabled
    • Ask users to register = Disabled

    It limits any of the comment-esque placeholders on the initial email, including description. Subsequent emails on the ticket should not have that problem, only the first.

    Hope this helps!

  • Joshua Morris

    Thank you very much for this explanation.  It's really disappointing how many limitations Zendesk has in their system.  


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