possibility to start a new chat conversation in our bot


  • Mick O'Donnell
    Zendesk Product Manager


    Nice suggestion. This is actually something we have in active development, and will be hopefully releasing in 2022. We agree that it would be a helpful to be able to conduct multiple conversations at the same time (for certain businesses). If there's anything specific that you'd like to see in this feature, feel free to post a comment below. You'd love to get your thoughts!

  • Alex

    Hi team,

    We would like to have the same button as you show when contacting Zendesk support.

    How can we add it to the Mobile SDK or a website widget?

    Thank you,

  • Tim

    I don't think I can go live without this feature. What is the expected release Date? Is there a Beta version for which we can sub?

  • Mick O'Donnell
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Tim,

    Unfortunately we can't share a public release date at this time, all I can say is that it's a high priority item in our roadmap. Once it's ready, it'll likely be available for all customers as early as possible.

  • Natesh G

    Hi Zendesk,

    This feature is highly required for our clients that we take up. Please avail this feature asap

  • Ran Geller

    Hi Zendesk,

    Your Support team told me that the new conversation button and the My conversations list view are custom work from Zendesk side (not out of the box).

    What is the plan to add it to the product? It is a Critical functionality (and the evidence is that Zendesk did some custom work to add this functionality.)

    In intercom this functionality is out of the box...

  • Daniel Marin

    Hi there, 

    Any idea on when this is likely to be introduced? Currently, it appears that if customers will like to start a new conversation after being transferred through an agent, they will not be shown the bot again. 

    Without this, this is a broken product and a major problem with bot functionality. 

  • Minh Phan


    Is there any update on this feature? Or any suggestion for working around?

  • Moss

    +1 on our team looking in incorporate this feature. Since Zendesk has it available on their end I would hope that it can be pushed to your customers sooner rather than later.

  • Whitney Whitmoore

    Mick O'Donnell, Product Manager stated it would be available in 2022. It is now June of 2022. Any update on this??? This is a NEEDED upgrade to the Chat bot capabilities!!

  • Mark

    Good afternoon,

    This feature is integral to delivery of Support to our clients, can you please advise of a timeline for delivery of this Enhancement?

  • Caroline Wibowo

    +1 on this. It's an essential feature that should be available. Even in intercom, we get this experience by default

  • Vivek Buthello

    As observed Zendesk Bot wont allows user to Jump on Top or beginning even when they communicating with Bot but it gives Start Over button if they search something not listed in Guide, so cant we get this start Over button in Designing option so where ever needed can add this and Just ask user to click on it. 
    After raising request to agent it remains in same state till the time case is open is second drawback of Bot. Looking for immediate solution on this.

  • Christoph Wurbs

    Mick O'Donnell is it already released?

  • Melinda Mejia

    We are also experiencing the same issue. Can you share a timeline on when this will be fixed? The bot is useless if this feature is not available. The customer experience is going to be bad and will not help our business in any way. Mick O'Donnell

  • Designcement

    First ask about pricing and the ln a different subject is not possible? Not being able to restart is just so bad. How can you not sort out this clear problem? Changed from a competitors chat bot but I will have to move the chat back until this is sorted. If someone wants to know more then 1 thing it’s not possible?

  • Paul Fernandez

    I cannot avail the product without this feature. 

  • Larry Click

    +1 here.  Need this feature

  • Harper Dane

    As an end-user, I love the "New conversation" button + ticket history whenever I reach out to ZenDesk Support in their own Messaging widget.

    I would love it even more to be able to implement the same in my company's instance.

    What's the word on release?

  • Wilco van Doorn

    We would really like to implement this feature in our customer experience. 


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