Add "Back" step in "Flow Builder"


  • Laura Abraham

    Ironically, the exact feature is already available for the bot, but only as an addon from an external service provider, which of course you have to pay for again. 

    Zendesk would just have to replicate that functionality. :-)

  • Carolina Loaiza

    we were reviewing this tool for our clients and we loved it but when we found this usability bug where users can't go back one step or go to the initial menu we were forced to give up on the tool.


    Status update please?

  • Daniel Velasque

    please Zendesk, stop losing customers unnecessarily over something as simple as this.
    Does the brand want to be #1? Are they really interested in being #1 in the market? Details like these make them lose ground to the competition. It's been over a year now and they don't give a solution.
    Put a solution date please!
    I can assure you that I am already embarrassed to explain to my prospects the inexplicability of this more than strange way of not being able to restart the flow.

  • Masako K

    It has been almost a year since I submitted my request and I am very distrustful of whether they are trying to take action or pretend it never happened.

  • 이지훈


  • Youshita Fathi

    lack of this feature is taking away all the functionality of the bot - can you please share when a BACK button will be added?

  • Laura Abraham

    @jorge this is . But they stopped using the bot as it seems.

  • Jorge Navaridas

    Todas las implantaciones prometidas son tan lentas como esta del botón atrás?

    Todos lo estamos pidiendo.....

  • Laura Abraham

    Lisa Tam Is there any way for us to build this ourselves? It seems that there is no planning at Zendesk to implement the topic.

  • Lorelei

    Has there been any update or ETA on this?

  • Harper Dane

    Lisa Tam

    We have some updates coming next year (H1) to help end users locate the answers to their problems quicker by typing in a new question and the bot will locate the right topic so the user will no longer be stuck in the middle of the flow.

    I appreciate what your team was trying to do here, but unfortunately this doesn't solve the problem.

    End Users don't know that "Zendesk now allows you to type a new question" — and even if they did, they frequently type long or confusing phrases. As an admin, I could work for a thousand years on keywording for all those scenarios, and still never see the end of keyword-based "AI training," such as it is.

    Your product isn't using NLP, so relying on freeform text entry from End Users is simply never going to result in a great experience.

    Zendesk customers still need the ability to add a persistent "Go Back" option, where End Users can start over and select from button options instead of typing.

    If anything, we need to prevent End Users from typing into the widget. Not more ways to encourage frustrating free-entry misinterpretations.

  • Sam

    Would also love an ETA on this!

    Thank you.

  • Kate Horner

    Zendesk Zendesk Team Zendesk Devs
    An ETA would be great. This bot creates a horrible experience for the end user. It needs to have:

    • Go back a step
    • Go back to the beginning
    • Search the entire help center
    • They need to be able to close out that search, especially when they submit a request. It should not stay open and prevent them from doing new searches to help themselves.

    This is basic bot stuff. We pay a lot for a feature that is not functional. To spend thousands more for a functional product is disappointing. Zendesk promotes trying to help people be the best in Customer Service but is failing to provide us with the tools to do this and are not listening to their own customer's needs. 

  • Abdallah Abuelezz

    This is not acceptable for high-engagement businesses where end users might need help on multiple different topics throughout a day. Not only does it ruin the user experience, but also our ability to categorize tickets per topic which is fundamentally important.


    You have the ability to manage multiple conversations in your own live chat but you don't want to give it to your customers? This is bizarre and unacceptable and it's forcing us to reconsider implementing Zendesk as this behavior does not inspire trust.

  • Jorge Navaridas

    ¿Pero no van a hacer caso a los que pagamos?

    Estoy de acuerdo con #Kate Horner.

    Yo me estoy planteando cambiar de CRM, no hacéis caso y esto se está pidiendo desde hace siglos ya.

    Vaya rapidez la vuestra.... Casi 2 años ya


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