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    John Costello
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Reshma Patel, Amber and Kincy, 

    This is fantastic feedback, thank you so much for your input. It's great timing also - we are currently rebuilding our Dashboard Builder in Explore and we will be going into Open Beta next year. Our sharing feature is something we will be reviewing and I will make sure this feedback is included in our thinking next year before we GA. 

    If there was anything else you wished us to review in Dashboard sharing we would love to hear more.

    Best Regards


  • Amber Barnes

    Yes to ALL OF THIS. 

  • Kincy Clark

    What Amber said ^^^


  • Emily

    Thank you for creating this request Reshma! I just created multiple dashboards for our client account teams and now I have to spam everyone in the company just so they have access to it. It's incredibly inconvenient to do this, as I want everyone to have access to it if they want to see it, but I don't want to blast them all with a separate email for each of the 15 new dashboards I created. 


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