Play recording while caller is waiting in the queue



  • Sydney Neubauer

    I don't know if this helps, but for us, we spliced in a reminder at the callwaiting music minute mark stating they can press 1 for a callback. It isn't foolproof as they don't know the queue size and requires additional work but it was a temporary workaround if you need it asap.

  • Alfredo Navarro

    Hello Sydney,

    Thanks a lot for your comment and idea, this definitely helps, it is an interesting workaround which we are evaluating. Still... I think that this product feature is still relevant since the "waiting music" and the "reminder message" should be a different recording from my point of view.

    Best regards, Alfredo

  • Sydney Neubauer

    Agreed! I have upvoted your post and will follow it in case there is a development :)


    When we first spliced our wait music, we had the "press 1" notification at the beginning and again a minute in. However, we found people were pressing 1 just before they were being routed to Agents so we ended up editing it again and only having the minute notification.


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