Reporting on % of tickets solved within a set period of time



  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    Start by making a custom attribute to calculate the days between the ticket created date and solved date.

     DATE_DIFF([Ticket solved - Date],[Ticket created - Date],"nb_of_days")

    Then use this to create your brackets of tickets in a another new custom attribute.

    IF [Days Between Created and Solved]<=30
    THEN "30 Days and Under"
    ELIF [Days Between Created and Solved]<=90
    THEN "90 Days and Under"
    ELSE "91 Days and Over"

    ... to give a report like this:


  • Mark Sokolowski

    Thanks, Graeme! This did exactly what I was hoping for. Now, if I wanted the D_Count of tickets shown in the table for solved under 30 days expressed as a percent of total tickets solved, would that be easiest accomplished by creating another custom attribute based on the 2nd one?

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator

    Mark it is a little easier than that.

    You can use result manipulation to add your total figures.

    From you query, go to Results Manipulation>Result Path Calculation and use the settings:

    This will give you:

    To display both the ticket count and the percentages, you need a custom metric that is just a duplicate of our DCOUNT(Tickets) give...

  • Suhan Li

    This is very helpful.

    Is it possible to get days in business days only?


  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Suhan,
    That's going to depend on how you define "business days". Zendesk can give you first resolution time or full resolution time in business hours, and if you have a set number of business hours per "business day" (for example, if each business day is 8 hours), then you could just divide by that:
    VALUE(Full resolution time - Business hours (hrs))/8
    Then you could use that instead of the DATE_DIFF formula that calculates the number of days. However, this may give you undesirable results, if your business days vary from day to day, or if a ticket is created late on one business day and solved early the next, it would be counted as one business day instead of two -- so again, it depends how you want to define that.
    My recommendation would be to just use the raw first or full resolution time in business hours, and base your time brackets on that, if that works with your business commitments.
  • shilpi dutta

    I need a little help. Being a Beginner, I am trying to create an exact same report, however, I am getting an error and must be creating the attribute incorrectly. Would you know what is wrong? do I have to link both of them somehow?

  • Alex Zheng
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hey shilpi,
    I can open up a ticket with you to investigate further.
  • shilpi dutta

    yes pls


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