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  • CJ Johnson

    Hi Seif, 
    Can you tell me a bit more about the query? Which dataset is this using? What fields are blank, and what did they used to show? (If it's a custom field, just that info, plus the kind of field is fine!) 

    It sounds to me, like a month ago, something happened that caused the original formula to not return any results. This could be something like a form name change, or a change to the name of values in a field that the report uses. (I've had both these things break my own queries in the past, because queries will keep the old value that doesn't work anymore, they don't auto-update, unfortunately.  Do you know if there was any changes to the attributes like form or fields, you use on the report like that? 

  • Thibaut

    Hi Seif Salem
    I believe Johnson might be right, but I would need to investigate directly on the query to understand what happened. 
    I created a ticket for you about it, you should receive soon a notification by email and we'll be able to take it from here. 


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