Switching Field Types


  • Elaine
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Joshua,
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to convert one type of custom field to another once it has been saved in Zendesk. You can check the article Adding custom fields to your tickets and support request form for more information about this.
    With regard to the use case that you've mentioned, first and foremost, please make sure that you do not delete the drop-down field "Issue Type" from your Zendesk account or you will lose all data for that ticket field.
    You can continue with creating the multi-select field, add it to the ticket form, and remove the drop-down field safely from the same ticket form.
    Removing the drop-down field from the ticket form will not affect the data in Explore. Tickets that previously used and filled this ticket field will still have the corresponding data for this field in Explore, but again, please make sure not to delete the field from Zendesk.
    Once you have done setting up the above actions, yes, you should be able to create a custom metric/attribute based on the tags of both the drop-down field and the multi-select field in one query with the help of the article Reporting with tags as this is actually the best way to go.
    Hope this helps! Stay safe!

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