ZBot - why I LOVE bots ...


  • Josh

    It's almost like the person in charge of support at zendesk didn't use this feature prior to pushing it. Do you really believe zendesk themselves said wow, this works really fluid and amazing, let's release this to the public... and when we do, lets abruptly stop ALL other channels of support! Who's big idea was that? What happen to support that was amazing just 3 years ago at zendesk?

    I see more complaints in forums about it than anything good - yet Zendesk has taken the odd approach to stop ALL inbound emails, calls, messages - and simply force all customers to use this crap bot. My phone support, being on enterprise, is gone. So my business means as much as a guy in his basement on the most basic plan. If we need support, we're thrown into the same queue as him. 

    If someone doesn't get back to you, Zendesk nicely send you an email once they do. Wait a second let me rephrase, they send you an email that "you've got a message in Z Bot! Go ahead log into zendesk to view in, this email is useless!" The email is so bland that it's beyond pointless to even send. Who created this process at Zendesk and thought it's a good idea? I can't answer support tickets now from my phone, I have to go find my laptop and click 100 times to get into this bot.

    It's ridiculous to FORCE customers to use this bot and take away ALL CHANNELS OF SUPPORT. Zendesk boasts itself on how many channels it has to allow customers to submit support but limits everyone to a single channel (one) and that channel is the brand (what seems to be barely tested) bot.

    My rant is over here... https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/4418019922842-Zendesk-Support-has-gone-downhill

  • Peter Hochstrasser

    Well, I tried to terminate our chat subscription in September, and got back "we got your message" with about as much context. It's great against spam, BUT ... it's also a good way not to realize that I haven't gotten an answer to my termination. IOW, it created a problem, once the next invoice came, with the terminated chat licenses on the subscription.

    After a few words here and there, we got rid of that subscription, but only because I keep ALL mails for at least 2 years.

    So, I do concur: These days, it is hard to get support from Zendesk. Their Z Bot doesn't help at all, it just wastes the time of their customers. And we do pay for that kind of support.



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